• Hi everyone. I personally love the Alden is evil theory so here is a club where we can list some reasons for it.


    He called off the search for Sophie and said she was dead

    When Sophie asks him about fading, he described it as if he was “looking into a memory” the only people who saw Cyrah fade away were Wylie and her murderer. Alden

    He's kind of a liar, which I'm not going to go into because it's not that big of a deal, but, you know, that whole no-reason-to-worry-when-there-totally-is thing. But most of the reason why I don't like him is... he kind of acts like he's Grady. I mean, I get it! He feels like he needs to take care of Sophie and he can give her some shelter that Grady can't. But... Sophie has parents. Alden doesn't have to boss her around in that I'm-being-nice-and-reasonable-but-still-listen-to-me-or-there-will-be-consequences type of way. He. is. not. her. dad. And, Fitz always implies that a Bad Match would not be okay in his family-- I feel like Alden has subtly-but-not-so-subtly enforced this. And how could I forget? He told Keefe to back off of Sophie and let Fitz have her. He has no right to tell Keefe that, and he certainly has no right to refer to Sophie like that.


    Yes, Fitz is his son... but the problem is, Keefe isn't. So it's not really up to Alden to determine who and when Keefe dates. Also, it comes across as very selfish to tell someone to back off of a girl just because you want your son to get the girl. In other words -- Alden has any right to encourage his own son to not date, but he has no right to tell his son's best friend to not date try to date a girl so his son can.

    Of course, we don't know for sure that that's what Alden said, but if he did, he's pretty much my least favorite character.

    In the beginning of Nightfall he drugged Sophie WITHOUT her permission when they were bringing Amy to the Lost Cities. Sophie lost 17 HOURS while she was drugged when she could have been tracking down her parents. Even ghough Alden gave the excuse that Amy would rather be drugged and taken while her sister was drugged and taken than be drugged by her sister IT IS STIL NOT OKAY!!!!!!!

    Why would Alden send A SIX YEAR OLD into the forrbiden cities by himself to look for someone that you have basicly no proof that exists? Because he is evil!!!!!!

    You know how on the cover for Legacy you can't see Fitz's Vacker crest? Either you can't see it or he doesn't have it. What if he finds ut Alden is with the Neverseen and ditches his family excepy for Biana?

    the Black Swan had a leak but it makes sense that Alden is the leak

    Okay though: The title is legacy and Alvar keeps talking about the FAMILY LEGACY!!! What if something big happens with the Vackers?

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