• Chapter One.

    The war between the Neverseen and the Black Swan was going poorly. But all I could do is sit around making gadgets. I don' t even get to do it alone, I need supervision from Tinker. Not only that but they have a new technopath who is also really good. Her name is Evgenia, and they ignore me for her and assume she is sooooo much better then me.

    In a way she is.

    "Hey Dex! How are you?" Evgena askes comeing into my office playing with her rose-gold colored hair. "Our friends and I were talking about makeing some sorta defence system for our team! What do you think?"

    "" I answer, being left to wonder my they left me out.  

    Evgena smiles at me. "Lets come up with ideas tomorrow!" She says and bounces away. What if I don't wanna help someone who doesn't appreciate me. I just wanna, help friends who care about me. I wanna be usefull to.

    I wont ever get that respect here. Should I leave? Forever?



    Chapter Two.

    "Hey Natalie! Will you come to my sleepover Friday night?" My friend Izabella requests. I gaze into her brown eyes unwilling to look away. They were to much like Sophie's eyes.

    "Of course!" I announce. "Sounds like fun! What time should I be there?" 

    "Right after school!" Izabella calls walking down the narrow hallway, her brown hair swishing beahind her.

    After school, my friends, Izabella, Anna, Marissa, Raelynn and, I went to the mall. As we walked around clothes shopping and chit-chatting. We run into a boy who looked to be around 17. I tryed not to make it visible but I was gawking, he looked like an elf with his strawberry-blonde hair and cute dimpled face.

    Natalie cut out of it I think. Your elven magic times are over

    The boy turns to face me "Amy?"

    Chapter Three.

    ~Before that :/~

    Leaving the lost cities again is even scarier. This time I'm not doing it with my friends.

    Were should I go? I'll go to....Where ever I get a crystal to. What about the human languges? I'll make a translater. Pefect. What about human money? I'm 18 could I get a job? 

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