• Hey Ravika do you have anywhere to pm (private message) me like Google Hangouts, or anywhere else?

    Plus, do you think we should have captains for our Marvel Club? So like when we're gone they can be in charge. I personally think there should be one. And it should be JediMoonlarkAvenger since she was here since the start. 

    P.S. I made me and you Co-owner/Co-Founder since, let's be real, you're as much founder/owner-ish as I am (maybe even more) XD


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    • I just had an Idea, Jedi could be Captain Marvel since y'know she can possibly be a captain and if the need calls for whoever came second and wants to be captain can be Captain America.

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    • Yeah totally. I do have personal e-mail, which we can create a hangout group on and name it something like - The Agents of SHIELD (like you suggested) and I am on this PJO book group which has 45 people from around the world. I can advertise it there. So, when do wanna make the hangout ??? Also thankyou for Co-Owner/Co-Founder position. And I'm cool with any idea of yours. 

      - Rivika

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    • However, there is a problem that since Jedi doesn't have a personal fandom account, we can't actually talk to her personally. So, is there any way to do that ?

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    • My email is and you can make the group chat

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    • A FANDOM user
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