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    Julia's Friend!

    Congrats! You have won Sophitzmoments' friendship. By adding this badge to your profile, you have won Sophitzmoments' ETERNAL gift of friendship! She considers you amazing, loyal, fun, or all of the above. If this was sent to you, you should feel honored! Her name is Julia, but you call her {{{nickname}}} most of the time! You may have known her for a day, a few weeks, three months... but it doesn't make you any less special if you have known her for less time.You're a true friend, something that's hard to find and lucky to have.

    Please only use this with permission from Julia. Once you have received it, type {{JuliaFriend|nickname=*nickname of choice*}} into the source code of your profile!

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    • Thank you! (I'm not back, sadly, since my life is busy I'm just able to pop in)

      Badges don't work on mobile, but I give you my friend badge. It's Bluejay'sCompanion

      Somehow the grammar seems wrong there, I don't know why lol

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    • Lol I was never good at ELA so idk

      Thank you (:

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    • A FANDOM user
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