• Warning this might be sad😭

    “RUN! RUN! FLY! GO!” Greyfells mother’s usually calm and positive voice shouted in his mind. Confused he opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by a steering hot red and orange light. Climbing town his feet he saw his mother bucking and thrashing as ropes appeared over the flames and onto her neck.

    “RUN! NOW! FLY!” His mothers voice came again. Eventually he got up in the air again, the burning forest growing farther and farther away, he had gotten out but not before he saw his mothers white body fall to the ground and sigh before going still. As Greyfell went higher he pictured where he wanted to be most and dove back down, creating a rift in the sky and appearing on a sandy beach. He thought about his mother as he lay down to sleep, how she used to fill his head with pictures of this very beach every night to help him fall asleep and when she had first taught him to teleport at the cliffs where her and his father met, before the humans took him away. Eventually he fell asleep with the waves and palm trees.

    A year of peace and grieving would have been ideal but when a piercing shriek woke him up he knew it was time to run, the young foal shot into the air and with a roll of thunder he disappeared into the void.

    Next centuries went on and on like this, every time he thought he was finally safe he awoke to either shrieking, arrows or guns and the thought of his mothers fate always followed him... Until he met Silveny and Sophie, that is when his life started to get better, now he has two beautiful children in a new and safe world with kind Elves and good food.🐨

    Thanks for the feedback😉🐨
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