• I went to the sophitz page



    why are people so cruelllll

    it's not the bashing that gets to me

    it's not the hate that gets to me

    it's the fact that people are so self absorbed, they can't even see how much they're hurting others

    maybe try getting some glasses? you know, so you can actually see beyond the end of your nose?

    e m p a t h y. it's a real thing. yes, this may be shocking, but empathy does exist outside of fictional books. it's something that every human should strive for, and that starts now, with the little things, like thinking before you post and considering how you might feel

    kindness is such a hard thing, am i right? it's so difficult to try to be nice to others, and it's very hard to actually think before you do something. of course it is. what, do you expect people to actually use their brains? everyone knows brains are purely for ornamental purposes.


    (sorry, none of this is directed at you or the vast majority of fandom who is polite and respectful and amazing. i'm just... really mad and i sorta held back on the comment so now it's all coming out here... sorry. hermione is being salty....)

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