• Hey! What up? I'm bored. You may know me as Orgeprincess, or chloe! I must of saw you somewhere and liked you or read one of your fanfics or you read my mine. XD, that was a lot of may haves. Well, Here's a few questions so I can get to know you and become friends! 

    1) Whats your fave book in KOTLC, Mine are Flashbacks, Lagecy, and Everblaze.

    2) Who's your fave characters? Mine are, Keefe, RO, Biana, and Dex

    3) Who do ya ship? SOKEEFE! Lylie and Tiana. ( Though I stilll like Dexiana )

    4) Hobbies? Reading, Duh. Literly reading is my life! Writing, sports, and hanging with all my friendz.

    5) Shall I call you anything? ( Now I'm going into a british axent! Wooo me! XD ) You can call me Chloe or Chlo.

    6) What grade ya in? ( Don't have to answer, I know its privet ) I'm going into 7th! YAy me! ( OMG, did you eveer watch Zack and Cody? Cause thats London tipton! )

    7) How do you look? ( Don't have to answer ) I have red hair, freckles, alot of freckles, tonz of freckles, freckles, and green emerald eyes. ( Like linzey lhan. You know that actress? )

    8) Fave animal? Bunny! My friend has one and I looooooooooooooooooove it! 

    Well, thats it! Nice to meet you! ~Chloe/Orgeprincess!

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    • OH! I forgot also! DO you have any book suggestions? Here's some

      1) The school of good and evil

      2) Once upon a curse series! ( Its amazing! )

      3) dork diares? 

      Yep! Out of ideas! ~Chloe

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    • Ooh hi XDXD

      sry i didn't see this before, coz FANDOM users don't leave notifs.

      It's fine though

      I THINK i read one of your fanfics, and then the Lets break this thread :)

      1.It really depends. Though I like the latest books better.

      2.Linh, Biana, Sophie. RO IS MY FAVORITE ROASTING one though omg

      3.Sokeefe, Lylie, and Tiana

      4.Reading, Writing, spamming my friends texts and hangouts with spam (hehe), listening to kpop, doodling, staying up pretty much from 1am

      5.Kitty :)

      6.Im going to 9th *sigh*

      7.(no *sadness*) I look like this, straight brown hair up to my waist and green eyes. 

      This is meeeee

      8.IRL- Jaguar. Mythical- Phoenix

      9. Warriors, Harry Potter, 

      Also I get on 1-4am EDT so dont mind me i will reply pretty late

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    • kk^ Wow! Why so late? I probily go pn in the morning this time if I have time. And either mid after noon like 4-5 or 7-8 or 11-11:30 Lets just say I don't do what you do! XD XD XD XD XD Don't mind me I do XD XD XD. A lot! Well, nice to meet you! And can't wait to chat more! ~Chloe

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    • XDXD

      I use XD way too much, its fine

      Its coz i have to sneak, coz i dont have my chromebook

      I use a mac 

      I've been sneaking for-

      2 months 

      (im pretty proud of it :)

      Yup! Talk to ya later! :)

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    • XDXD. I don't even know what it means! * Winces * ~Chloe

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    • XDXDXD

      It's fineeeee

      It's a laughing face if you flip it so the X is on top

      (I just somehow snuck past my parents while they were awake and talking ;-;)

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    • Snowfur ta Murcat wrote:

      It's fineeeee

      It's a laughing face if you flip it so the X is on top

      (I just somehow snuck past my parents while they were awake and talking ;-;)

      oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! And lol ^.Really sorry for the late reply! ~Ogreprincess!

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    • A FANDOM user
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