• This series is very similar to the KOTLC series, you will see a lot of Shannon in it, but I am writing the Nown series. I have not written very much though!

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    • Ok, so here is the preface and chapter one!!!!

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    • Preface

      It all started with a boy picking up a newspaper. A newspaper that was the final clue, the answer. He knew what, who to find at last. He knew he was close, he was near. Now, all he had to do was to figure out how he was going to find, her and get her to come

      Chapter 1

      It all started with a boy picking up a newspaper. A newspaper that was the final clue, the answer. H eknew

      I was at home studying when my mom called up to me. “True, get down here, someone is here to see you!”

      I was kind of surprised because I don’t have many friends, and no one usually comes to see me. I rushed down the stairs to see who it was. When I got to the front door, a guy I had never seen in ever before was standing there. He looked about my age, 13, maybe a little older. He was wearing jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt, with the hoodie pulled over his head. But I noticed that in his hand, he clutched a newspaper article with an article with a picture on it.

      “Hi! You must be Miss True Freeman,” holding out his hand, “I am Tedros Sigini, but you can just call me Ted. I saw the article about you in a local newspaper I found and wanted to talk to you. Can we go somewhere to talk?”

      I was shocked. First, news reporters flock to my house asking me questions like, “how are you so smart?” or “how do you feel about winning the smartest person award last night?”. Now a guy asking me out? What was happening? But, it wasn’t as if I could refuse.

      “Uhhhhh… sure, I guess. Mom, can I go?”

      “Of course, honey.” My mom said, smiling “You haven’t had fun in a long time, so go have some!” Just then my little sister, Agatha, walks in. She looks at me, Ted, then my mom and then sticks her tongue out to me. She goes upstairs to do her homework and listens to some music.

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    • Also, I am aware that it is not very long... alos, if anyone has suggests, PLEASE TELL ME!!!

      - Shamrock

      (FYI, if this book/series ever does make it onto the shelves, my real name is not Shamrock, it is just my online psuedonym)

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    • Tedros and Agatha? Are you a School for Good and Evil fan?


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