• Hi Tara!

    Welcome to the KOTLC wiki! I hope you have a great time here! It is a great place so I'm sure you will :)

    You can call me Avocado (or honestly anything else you can come up with). Talk to me anytime

    I hope I can get to know you! Anyways, do you have any theories for Legacy? Favorite ships? If you do you can tell me. What character would you want to be you best friend? Also who are your favorite characters and what is your favorite book so far?


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    • Hey Avocado!

      Thanks for the welcome!

      I have two theories for Legacy. One is that Terik will turn out to be evil, and the other is that we'll find out if the title is talking about Keefe's legacy or the Vacker legacy. My fave ships have to be Sophitz, Tiana, and Lylie. I would definitely wanna be best friends with Biana. I feel like we're kinda similar in personality. And my fave characters are Biana and Tam (Tiana) and Linh. My fave book is probably Neverseen I just love everything that happens in it!

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    • Oh no problem!

      I agree with your theories, especially the Terik one. I personally like SoKeefe, Lylie, and Bam! its Tiana. Neverseen is one of my favorites as well!!

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    • Cool! And lol I love 'Bam! it's Tiana'¬†

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    • That's so cool! My welcome message code is different here and it looks weird to me XD

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