• Okay so the people did NOT ask for it, unless the "people" is my own brain. But I felt like making this so...whatever. If enough users support it, ( since I most likely won't continue writing for no readers ) I'll be making some Sophie/Keefe/Fitz being friends oneshots.

    That doesn't mean shipping--in fact, there will probably be little ship wars going on in these posts. It'll just be random scenarios where Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe all get to be friends for a while, without the utter tension of the shipping.

    So...yeah. Tell me what you think.

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    • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

      Might as well get the first one up, so--here you go. First one takes place around Nightfall, but in the Black Swan hideouts--because why not.

      "You okay, Foster?"

      Sophie jumped in her seat at the sudden voice coming from the doorway. Of course, she didn't need to look up and see the touseled blonde hair and icy eyes for her to know who it was. The upbeat, teasing tone of the speaker did all the work.

      "Hey, Keefe," Sophie said as he strode into the room. She noticeably ignored his initial question. Thankfully, he hadn't seemed to pick up on her crazy strong emotions--courtesy of the Black Swan's genetic tweaking--yet.

      He raised an eyebrow and flashed a smirk--one of his many trademarks. "That's all you got? No, 'Good day, Dearest Keefe, and might I say your hair is looking especially fine tod--"

      Keefe was cut off from Sophie tossing a balled up piece of paper at his face, which nearly went straight into his mouth as he was talking. Too bad it didn't. That would have been quite the story to tell.

      He swatted it away and smiled, eyeing the desk that Sophie was hunched over. "Couldn't help but copy the Keefester, huh?"

      Sophie turned back to her still-flat papers and grimaced. They were scattered all over, dozens of half finished pencil sketches buried under each other like a Jenga tower. In truth, while she may have been drawing a little bit more lately, it was for a much more bitter reason than Keefe may have suspected.

      He seemed to notice the sulky change in her mood and came closer. "Foster? You okay? And, you better not say 'fine' because you know I'll pick up on it."

      Unfortunately, he would, thanks to his ability as an Empath. So Sophie carefully chose her words and said, "It's just different lately. I thought having her here would be a good thing, but it's been...rough."

      Keefe didn't say anything, just put a warm hand on her shoulder and picked up one of Sophie's drawings. The paper in question had a complete sketch of Sophie's human family, the Fosters, now called the Freemans in the Forbidden Cities.

      They were sitting together, gathered on the floor of their new house's living room, arms wrapped comfortably around their respective shoulders. Her former younger sister, Amy, was nestled nicely between the shoulders of her parents, all three of them propped up against the front of their couch.

      Every detail was there, mostly due to Sophie's photographic memory. But also in part because the moment of seeing the room was so fresh, and in spite of her greatest efforts, her mind always drifted back to it. 

      They were happy--a small but complete human family. And Sophie should be happy for them, but it hurt. It hurt seeing them behave like she never existed--even though she didn't to them. She was gone from their lives, and she always would be. 

      Even more, they had to have their minds wiped again because of the Neverseen, a dangerous rebel group that was supposed to be after her. The amount of pain that others had to through because of her was reaching levels that were scarily close to clouding her mind with guilt. And that thought alone made her feel a whole lot worse about herself.

      "Hey, Foster?" Keefe said, probably reminding her that he still had his hand on her shoulder, and could feel everything that was happening in her head. He waited until Sophie looked up at him before setting down the paper and looking her right in the honey-coloured eyes. "You don't need to feel bad about this, alright?"

      Keefe gestured to the sketches and an urge to tug at an itchy eyelash bubbled up in Sophie's stomach. "I know."

      "No you don't," Keefe said gently. A little bit of his messy blonde hair fell into his face as he blinked down at her sincerely. "None of this is your fault. Really."

      "You guys okay?"

      Sophie looked up to see Fitz peering in from the doorway, eyebrows furrowed with concern. He was gazing at Sophie, but glanced over to Keefe for an answer.

      "Foster's having a breakdown and is turning to her one true saviour," Keefe replied, hardly missing a beat. He flipped his hair and made a smug face, clearly showing who he believed to be her "one true saviour".

      Fitz rolled his eyes and stepped into the room, pacing up to Sophie and taking one of her hands. "You alright?"

      Sophie nodded and met his eyes, which appeared to be a brighter shade of their usual teal with the lamplight shining on them. "Yeah, I'm just working on some drawings."

      With that, Fitz looked over the desk, eyes widening a little bit. After a moment of silence he said, "I didn't know you could draw." He looked up suddenly turned to Sophie. "I mean, no offense or anything, I just never--"

      "None taken," Sophie assured him, shooting Keefe a look at the sound of his snickers. "I actually can't draw well normally. They end up looking like chicken scratch most days."

      Both boys cracked smiles at that.

      "But there's just...I don't know. It's much easier when it's such a vivid memory." Sophie finished quietly. Her eyes drifted to her lap, and the hand that was entwined with Fitz's began fidgeting.

      They were all silent at that until Fitz pulled her into a hug, Keefe following his gesture.

      "It's okay, Foster," Keefe said softly. Sophie could feel Fitz nodding with him against her shoulder, and she hugged both of them a little tighter.

      When they all pulled away, there was a small bout of silence until Fitz cleared his throat. "So, uh, did you guys forget about the meeting?"

      Sophie's head jerked up. "Meeting?"

      Keefe started laughing. "Why do you think I came in here in the first place? I was considering just skipping it--you know, for old time's sake. But then I saw you in here and I was like, 'huh, that's kinda weird', 'cause Foster never ditches these things--"

      "What he's trying to say," Fitz interrupted, lips twitching with a smile from Keefe's rambling, "is that we're all really late the meeting. Mr. Forkle sent me up to get you two when you didn't show."

      Sophie tugged at the hem of her tunic and stood, clearing her throat. "Then I guess we should get down there, right?" She shot a glance at Keefe, who shrugged in response. Her eyes met Fitz's, and she pulled him into another brief embrace, murmuring a quick, "thank you" to him.

      When she turned to Keefe, he smirked widely and held out his arms. "Aw, that was a wimp of a hug, right Fitzy? Foster can do better, don't ya think?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

      "I think you're ridiculous," Sophie replied, making Fitz laugh. But she also gave a quick hug to Keefe, making sure to hold it for just as long as Fitz's just to prove a point. 

      Fitz widened the door and Keefe took her hand, teasingly offering his other one to Fitz. And the three of them walked down to the meeting.

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    • Oh wow. This is good. I love how you described everything, and the idea is so original. I love how you're writing the three as FRIENDS without all the shipping drama. I hate how their friendship kind of got ruined, especially Keefe and Fitz's. I mean, it would be nice for Shannon to add something like this in Unlocked, because I need a break from all the shipping drama. Thank you again for writing this. Please write more (no pressure)

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    • OMG I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH. I truly hate how Fitz and Keefe's friendship was ruined, so I love this. A lot. I hope you write more! Thanks for sharing!!

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    • I only read, like, one random sentence so far ('cause that's how I ro77) and my breathing was already intensifying lol

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    • Their friendship in this is the best thing ever, and your writing was TOP TIER

      This was too pure, I love it

      I can't wait for the next one(if you decide to do another one)

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    • i'll have another posted later in the day 

      since it's really early morning right now

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    • JaxTheShade wrote:
      i'll have another posted later in the day 

      since it's really early morning right now

      Okay, I'll be waiting :)

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    • TurquoisePyrokinetic wrote:
      JaxTheShade wrote:
      i'll have another posted later in the day 

      since it's really early morning right now

      Okay, I'll be waiting :)

      meeee toooooo

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    • Okay here's the next one--There isn't really a time frame but it'll be at Havenfield

      "Ugh! That's disgusting!"

      A loud roar cut Dex off from spewing any more complaints. Instead, he ducked lower, desperately holding on to the lasso to stop Verdi from spitting all over his clothes. It didn't help his hair, though, and with another T-Rex howl, there was a slimy substance leaking down his face.

      Sophie couldn't help but giggle. "You okay there?"

      Dex shot her a glare, pointing to the Jackalope Sophie was currently healing up--it had gotten part of its antler broken off from the Verminion, the truck-sized hamster that also called Havenfield home. Thankfully, though, it was just about healed. "You want to trade jobs?"

      He held up the lasso, barely dodging another Verdi spit attack.

      Sophie glanced back and forth between him and the cowering Jackalope, then offered a flippant smile. "I'm alright. I can tell Verdi likes you," she added when the dinosaur tugged on the rope hard enough to drag Dex face down into the dirt.

      Dex leaped up a moment later, face red and covered in saliva. He brushed off his clothes to no avail--his family crest, covered in an alchemy tree, was still filthy. "I don't get why we have to do this."

      "It's because you ran off." Edaline said from behind both of them, laughing when they both whipped around. "Don't look so surrised--I told you I would be out, didn't I?"

      She snapped her fingers to activate her Conjuring ability and a plate of Mooncakes appeared in her hand. Edaline offered the plate to Sophie and Dex, but they just looked at each other.

      "Is that what you've been doing in there?" Dex asked.

      Edaline shrugged. "Biana's a good chef."

      "Good?" Biana appeared next to her, and this time it didn't seem to give Sophie or Dex a heart attack. "I might be rivalling Fitz--right Sophie?"

      She grabbed a Mooncake from the plate and took a bite, winking.

      Sophie rolled her eyes and copied her, noticing that Dex did the same. "How come she gets to sit inside and bake while we have to do this?" She hooked a thumb towards her cousin, who's hair was plastered to his forehead.

      Edaline smirked and, with another snap, made the plate vanish into the void. "Because Biana wasn't a willing participant--do you want me to take the lasso, Dex?"

      "Uh-huh," Biana said with an innocent tone to her voice. But she noticeably shot another wink in a direction Edaline couldn't see as Dex happily accepted her offer. No doubt Biana was just as guilty as the rest--but she wouldn't admit that if it meant she got to bake instead of take a bath in Verdi spit.

      "It was for a good cause!" Dex protested.

      "Then you should have told us instead of sneaking away to the Black Swan," Edaline replied. "I'm sure they appreciate your help, but it's likely they would have had the same luck as you with deciphering the code." She looked down at her hands before shifting the rope and wrapping up Sophie in a hug. "And in the meantime, we worry about you."

      Sophie accepted the embrace, but still didn't feel any less grumpy about it. They had discovered a clue from Keefe's memories, something that may have helped them discover more about Gisela. But they had ultimately gotten nowhere with their hunt, and left knowing even less than they did before.

      "Aww, is there Snuggle Time going on over here?"

      Sophie pulled away to find, unsurprisingly, Keefe, leaning on the edge of the pasture fence. He didn't enter the pasture, possibly because of the way Verdi was eyeing his hair, but he did flash a smile. 

      "I thought we reserved Snuggles for the one and only King of Awesome Hair!" He stretched out his arms and grinned even wider. 

      "Pfft," Biana said, shoving him over a little and making him tumble into the fence.

      Everyone giggled, except Keefe, who instantly stood and fixed his hair--despite the fact that there wasn't much more he could do to make it look better. Edaline smiled and turned back to the house, leading Verdi away from them.

      "What are you doing here?" Dex asked, followed quickly by Sophie's, "You weren't punished,"

      "Ha!" Keefe snorted, propping himself up once more. "Just because you guys decided my expert brains weren't useful doesn't mean I can't join in on the fun!" He gestured to Dex, but there was a strange look hidden behind his eyes.

      "We didn't want you to do anything reckless," Sophie reminded him quietly, and everyone nodded without saying a word. "Plus, we didn't even find anything. Just a bunch of junk that got dealing with Jackalopes."

      "And dinosaurs," Dex added with a grumble.

      "Not me!" Biana piped, grinning wildly when Dex shot her a look.

      "Well you guys sound like you've had quite the day," Keefe said. "But, it doesn't really matter--I had plenty of time to concoct a new elixir while you were away solving puzzles, and might I say, it's brilliant!"

      "Is that the one you used on Fitz earlier today?" Dex wondered.

      Keefe looked away guiltily.

      "That's why he's not here?" Biana asked. "I thought he was just wimping out of punishment."

      "Nope," Dex answered for her. "My dad's been working with him all day trying to reverse it's effects. I don't know how you made that thing, Keefe, but I want one."

      As Keefe began listing prices for his handiwork, Sophie said, "At least it got him out of punishment. Maybe I should try one of them."

      Keefe started laughing. "If you saw what it did to Fitzy, you'd think twice about using one."

      "You want to see him?" Dex offered, whipping out his home crystal.

      Before Sophie could respond, Keefe grabbed it and held it to the sun, created a path of light for them to walk through. And the four of them held tightly to his arms as they stepped into the light.

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    • Yay! Love this one too. *This* is what the story should be like. Teens just living their life (and facing the Neverseen but that's less important XD) without all the shipping drama.

      thanks for sharing!

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    • I love this so much so far, your writing style is awesome, the events are great, and we get to see FRIENDSHIP YAYAYAY, thank you for sharing this!!

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    • This is amazing! It great to see something that is not about ship wars and just general drama these are probably one of my favorite one shot stories.

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    • So yesterday it was an American National holiday, so I figured a lot of the American ( aka majority of the wiki, aka not me ) users would be offline anyway...blowing stuff up, apparently. Plus it gave me extra time to think of an idea. Just in case any of you were wondering why I didn't post.

      Okay here's the next one. No set time frame, takes place in Rimeshire.

      "Is this right?" Linh asked, holding up a glowing yellow bottle of a sloshing liquid.

      "Yeah," Dex told her from his spot in the corner of the room, and Marella gave a thumbs-up to Linh from next to her. "Just make sure not to move it too much--it may cause it to harden and expand. The tarphyrin in that may be difficult to handle."

      He had been sitting there, eyes wide, partially cowering and partially making sure the rest of his friends didn't blow up his lab. That would have been a shame if it did happen, too, since it was a pretty nice place.

      The lab was clearly inspired by Dex himself, because the architecture didn't match the blue glass of the rest of Rimeshire. It had dark walls, round lanterns set up in the top corners, illuminating the room in dimmed light, and a smooth floor that had stains from past failed experiments. But it was cozy, despite its large size, probably due to the tables and alchemy ingredients that cluttered up the space.

      Unfortunately, Sophie didn't understand what any of them did, and was silently hoping she didn't mess anything up. Considering her past scratch record, though, that was a very likely possibility. But she seemed to be doing okay with her elixir right now--after all, it hadn't blown up yet.

      "I don't think I did it right," Fitz called urgently from another table. He tapped at a beaker full of dark red liquid that reminded Sophie a little too much of blood. She really hoped that one wouldn't blow up.

      But her hopes diminished a little when Dex scurried over to Fitz, white lab coat flapping behind him. "Careful!" He barked. "What did you put in that?"

      "Um..." Fitz looked wildly around the ingredients scattered on the table. He snatched a bottle of black sludge and something that looked like a white lemon, cut into slices. "I poured in this stuff," he held up the sludge, "and some of the juice from the pieces," he raised the white lemon.

      Dex's face twisted with thought. "How much ment juice did you put in it?"

      Sophie snorted from her table. "It's called ment juice?"

      Dex ignored her, ordering Fitz to carefully move it to a shelf, where it could be dealt with without risk of explosion. But Biana also laughed at the name, continuing to perfect an elixir that, supposedly, would stretch out like slime and coat someone when the glass bottle was broken. 

      That may be useful as a distraction, though Sophie doubted it would really do what it was meant to. Dex was trying to teach them different alchemy tricks to make potions they could use against the Neverseen, but so far the majority of their creations had gone south real fast.

      Sophie had a feeling they wouldn't be using any of these as an offense--especially since Fitz's could hardly be moved without a high risk of backfiring.

      "You keep this up, and you may be on par with Foster, Fitzy!" Keefe hollered from his table, which he begrudgingly had to share with Tam. They had been fighting about who's ingredients belonged to whom from the second they sat down, and were still going at it.

      "You keep that up, and Sophie's going to shove that elixir up your nose!" Fitz yelled back. "And I have no doubt it'll explode once it gets there!"

      Everyone laughed, and even Sophie couldn't hide her smile behind her flushed cheeks. Although she was seriously considering taking Fitz's advice when Keefe wouldn't stop sniggering.

      "If either of you do any of that, I'm kicking you out of my lab," Dex told them, but there was a smirk starting on his face. "How's it coming, Biana?"

      "Good--I think I'm done," she answered, but crinkled her nose as she swirled the finished brown concoction around in the bottle. "Is it too late to add some colouring?"

      "Ugh, is that all girls care about?" Tam asked. "How pretty it looks?"

      "Probably," Marella responded, flipping her braided hair. "But who can blame us? I mean, I'd rather dunk someone in lime green slime than brown."

      "Really?" Fitz asked. "Just picture Gethen covered in brown gunk, and then think about it."

      "Maybe pink?" Linh offered.

      "What if we did a rainbow?" Keefe asked, snatching an orange cream from Tam's hands. "You can do that, right Dexy? Make it all Glitterbutt shimmery?"

      "Actually, I can only turn it purple, if that's alright," Dex said, turning to Biana. "It's the only one that won't react really badly."

      "Ooh, yeah! Purple would look so much better!" Biana squealed, on the verge of jumping for joy. Dex came over with a clear bottle and made the brown elixir turn to a bright shade of royal purple.

      "Oh, wow, so great." Tam said in a monotone voice. "Now--" he was cut off by shooting a glare at Keefe, who blinked innocently with yet another stolen ingredient held in his fist. Linh giggled.

      Tam cleared his throat. "Is mine supposed to rise like this?" He pointed to his beaker, where a pale yellow foam was creeping up towards the opening like a living creature clawing at its escape.

      "I--yeah!" Dex said, not even trying to hide the surprise in his voice. "How did you do that so easily?" He was peering into the container within an instant.

      "I...don't know." Tam admitted. "I just followed your instructions," he added when Dex began muttering notes to himself. "What's it meant to do next?"

      "Well, if you really did it right, it should--" Dex was cut off as the foam disappeared before his eyes. But it wasn't quite gone, because when the strawberry-blonde headed alchemist reached out a finger, it poked into something soft--the foam, now completely invisible.

      Dex's jaw fell, as did Sophie's.

      "Is that what it's supposed to do?" She asked him. Sophie dropped what she was doing and huddled around the table, followed by Fitz, Keefe, Linh, and Marella.

      Dex wordlessly nodded. "That's incredible! You--you--how?"

      Tam flushed a shade of pink that didn't quite match his typical demeanour. "I told you--I just did what you said."

      "But I don't even know how to make these properly. How did you do it on you first try?"

      When Tam didn't answer, Dex's incoherent mumbling grew louder, and he rushed over to a door in the corner where he kept all his technology. "I need to check something!" He yelled back at them.

      After a long moment of quiet, split only by the sounds of Dex knocking things over in his haste, Keefe changed the subject. "Uh, how's it invisible?"

      "When mixed correctly," Dex began, his voice still muffled, "the foam shifts to let light go right through it!"

      "Like a Vanisher?" Marella asked. 

      "Yeah--like Biana!" Dex hollered back.

      A massive crash followed, along with a stream of some rather colourful words and what sounded like broken glass. It didn't quite sound like Dex's voice, but maybe it was from the distance.

      "Pfft," Fitz began, a smile curling at his lips. "We all know Biana's better than foam--right, Bi?"

      He turned, and, when his sister wasn't sitting next to him, turned to the other side.

      Still nothing. All of them started turning their heads, looking more like programmed animatronics than people.

      "Um...Biana?" Keefe asked. 

      "Is she Vanished?" Sophie asked.


      They all whipped their heads around to find a pink faced Dex in the doorway, Biana beaming behind him as slime dripped from his shoulders.

      "Told ya purple would look better."

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    • XD XD I love this one! The whole Keeper gang together having fun and being...weird XD

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    • Ah, that's so good

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    • @Jax Thank you so much! These are great! 

      No matter what,


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    • thanks X :)

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    • I love these so much THANK YOU for making this! You're a great writer, and it's nice to FINALLY read something that isn't constant shipping

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    • Okay next one's coming out now. Again, no set time frame, Black Swan hideouts...kind of.

      Also, thanks a lot for the support on these oneshots, guys--it really means a lot

      "Aim your wrist down a little more, Sophie!" Sandor yelled from somewhere behind her. "You're hitting the mark a little too high."

      He had been criticizing her throws for the entire two hours she and her friends had been practicing. 

      "But I am hitting it, right?" Sophie called back, flinging another throwing star at the target, where it stuck squarely in the neck. "Why does it matter how high it is?"

      Biana snickered over the sound of Sandor's drawn out sigh. 

      The tall goblin bodyguard stalked over to her and adjusted her grip on the star. "We've already talked about this. A smidget of an inch is what decides if your enemy falls or staggers."

      "But it's in the neck," Sophie argued. "I'm pretty sure they'd fall either way."

      "Uh, I think we're ignoring the bigger question here, Foster." Keefe stopped rapid-fire chucking stars, much to the chagrin of the ogre princess hovering behind him. "Did Gigantor just say 'smidget'?"

      Sophie saw Dex grin. "I think he did."

      Sandor released another sigh. "That's not the point, Mr. Sencen--"

      "Lord Hunkyhair," Keefe corrected. 

      "You're crazy if you think he's calling you that," Biana told him, hurling a small Elven throwing knife and completely missing the wooden target. 

      "Don't worry," Keefe assured her. "I'll get him one day. I already got Ro saying it."

      Ro responded by making some creative threats involving her favourite flesh-eating bacteria, which she apparently kept on stand-by.

      Sandor growled something under his breath and walked away, giving up on the situation. "Well, I guess you'll have to learn your lessons the hard way when you can't hit the Neverseen properly!"

      "I thought 'No one will touch my charge as long as I'm around'," Sophie said, pitching her voice up to match Sandor's bunny voice. She wasn't the best at mimicking, but she had spent so much time around her bodyguard that his voice was easy to copy.

      "Oh--she has you there, Buddy!" Physic shouted to him. She smirked from behind her red and gold half mask when he shot a look at her.

      Squall was with her too, covered in her usual foggy ice and snow disguise. Even though they all knew her real identity as Juline, she still wore it anytime they were in the Black Swan hideouts. She was there to supervise, and Physic was there for any...accidents that may occur--and knowing Sophie, that was bound to happen.

      "Actually, it is best to train them in preparation," Squall murmured, glancing at Sandor. "It would be better if they were skilled."

      "Hey!" Keefe called. "This is skill--watch this!" He reeled back his arm and the black throwing star he held in his hand went flying straight into the target's chest. 

      He seemed to be hoping that he wouldn't hit anywhere lethal, and immediately Keefe's face went red.

      Sophie apologetically offered him a throwing star. "Hopefully we won't actually have to use these."

      The blonde-haired boy shrugged and took the star. "Knowing my mom, we probably will."

      "And there's nothing wrong with defending yourself if attacked," Physic stated. "If you're keeping yourselves from visiting my office as much as possible, I'd say that's a win."

      "Not if we badly hurt them--even if they are the Neverseen!" Dex shouted over to them. He took out a bag of gadgets that he had somehow found the time to create, testing them on the dummy instead of the stars.

      "Need I remind you that they've tried to kill all of you countless times?" Sandor asked him.

      Ro snorted. "Too bad they didn't succeed with a few of 'em." That earned her a swift nudge in the ribs, courtesy of Keefe's elbow.

      "It wouldn't be entirely justified," Squall added. "But it's something we may have to do." She might have been referring to the time she had to freeze off Gethen's fingernails. Although it had supposedly been painless, it still made everyone shiver anytime it was brought up.

      Something about the way Squall spoke made Sophie wonder if she also didn't want to harm anyone. After all, she had previously been fairly content with using her husband's unorthodox elixirs as valid battle weapons, and the ice that she used to fight with were mostly used as thick walls to defend herself.

      Biana leaned closer to Dex and said quietly, "Is it a little weird having your mom teach you how to kill people?"

      "We're not...killing them," he replied with a low voice, sounding a little more uncertain than Sophie would have prefered. "Like Physic said, we're just defending ourselves."

      Dex whipped out a triangular piece of technology from the satchel he had slung around his shoulders and tossed it at the target. It stuck to the wooden leg and as soon as it made contact, a shiny metal had spread out to cover every inch of the life-sized dummy, coating it in a silvery white prison. The gadget made a sound and sparks erupted from it, causing the metal to glow and the dummy to go diving to the ground, stuck into the dirt.

      Everyone went silent, gazing in awe at the tech. 

      Ro whistled. "Anyone else know the Dizznee kid could do that?"

      Before anyone could answer, Sandor was right behind Dex, examining the gadget from afar. "How did you do that?"

      Dex smirked. "It makes a shell of lumenite around them, then creates a magnetic pull that traps them to the ground." He beamed a little wider when everyone stared at the frozen dummy with wide eyes.

      From the cracking of Squall's ice-covered face, Sophie knew she was smiling, too. And who could blame her? Her son's talent as a Technopath was undeniable.

      "Okay, note-to-self," Keefe began, poking a finger at the target, which buzzed at his touch. "Never mess with the Dexinator."

      "When did you make this?" Sophie inquired.

      "Just a few days ago. I've been wanting to test it out for a while, but I didn't know how." Dex squirmed and shifted his feet. "I wish I had figured out the idea sooner, though. We may have helped a few people."

      "Well we have it now," Biana assured him. "And it's awesome."

      Dex gave a half smile. But it faded and he gestured to the dummy. "See? Why can't we work on things like this? Instead of throwing blades at people like they do." He nodded to the goblin and the ogre standing behind him.

      Sandor and Ro shared a look, then turned to a smug looking Physic and Squall.

      "I...suppose...that may be enough training for today." Sandor announced. "We can join Mr. Song and Mr. Vacker in the library."

      "Ugh--reading?" Keefe whined. "The last book I read was my dad's Empath book, aka the Pages of Punishment, and if you have anything like that, then I'm out." 

      He carefully mussed his hair a little more when they all herded to the exit.

      "Actually," Sandor said sternly, "You'll be helping them study the Black Swan cipher runes."

      "They're very useful for communication amongst us," Physic included when everyone groaned. She clicked her tongue. "It may come in handy one day, you know."

      "But why do we need that when we have the Great Telepath Soiree?" Ro asked, sounding just as unenthusiastic as Keefe did.

      Sophie shot her a look. "Because we can't all communicate at the same time. And it's tiring to do."

      "Eh, just get Fitz in there to help." Dex said. "And Forkman, since Fitz'll probably need some help."

      "Yeah--we can use him as a battery. He can lounge in the dining room while Sophie's out fighting!" Biana pumped her fist, ignoring the eye rolls that all the adults, and Sophie were giving her. 

      "Ooh--I like that idea!" Keefe agreed as Ro and Physic chuckled. "But we may want to get Fitz out on the front lines. Sophie'll miss her Cognate buddy soon enough!"

      Sophie kicked him.

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    • Yay! Another one! Amazing writing as always :)

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    • Me: checks notifs

      Me: sees that this has been updated

      Me: *internal squealing*


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    • I just told my older sis about this (she reads KOTLC) And she literally screamed, “YAS, THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!”


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    • Okay--I had to have a healing center one, but don't worry--it's not Sophie this time. And nobody's dying. No set time frame for this.

      "Are there too many of us?" Biana asked, glancing around at the crowd that had formed in front of the door. "I mean, we don't want to smother him."

      "See, now that's where you're wrong," Dex chimed, shifting to be closer to the door. But he did look around at all of them, probably sharing Biana's concerns.

      The entire friend group had come to visit, only excluding Keefe, who had begrudgingly been held back to "help" Lord Cassius with something. Although Sophie had a feeling it would end with some sort of prank and a fuming Cassius. Still, even without Keefe, six people was a lot to be crammed into the smaller-than-average Healing Center.

      "Well, it's a a little too late now, right?" Linh asked. "Should we just go in?"

      "Not unless we're planning on making that room a lot stuffier than it needs to be," Marella told her. "Although, if you needed heat, you could have just asked."

      She flipped her braided blonde hair and smirked, making Sophie wonder if she wasn't just referring to her ability as a Pyrokinetic.

      Tam rolled his eyes. "Linh's right. Besides, he can probably hear you guys complaining from in there."

      "We're not complaining!" Biana protested. "We're just stalling."

      "So stop stalling," Sophie said, grabbing the handle and swinging the door open.

      It almost nailed Dex in the face because of where he was standing, but he lept to the side and all of them shuffled into the room. It only needed to host four small cots, so there wasn't a whole lot of room for them to stand in. But they all fanned out and watched the boy sitting in the nearest cot.


      He must have been semi-awake, because when he heard the door creak, he raised his head from his pillow. A smile spread across his face when he saw all of them.

      "What're you guys doin' here?" He asked, voice slurred and weak from whatever sedative Elwin had been giving him to keep him drowsy. Fitz scooted over, shifting his injured foot, which was wrapped in a thin layer of bandages and propped up on a pillow.

      Biana rushed over and hugged him tightly, and Fitz wrapped one arm around her shoulders. 

      Sophie stepped forward. "We just wanted to make sure you were okay."

      "You are, right?" Biana asked from Fitz's shoulder.

      "Pfft--you guys are so dramatic," Dex said with a grin. "It's not that bad, right?"

      "Nope--not really." Fitz agreed. He wiggled around his foot, only wincing a little bit when he moved it too drastically. 

      "Then why do you look so awful?" Linh asked, flushing when she realized that sounded a little rude. 

      Fitz shrugged, but didn't look offended. "Elwin's been giving me this weird orange syrup to keep me asleep. He left a while ago to go perfect it so I don't look like a zombie."

      He was right about that. His skin was a little too pale and his eyes had bags under them, but otherwise he seemed fine. 

      "Eh, it's not that bad," Tam muttered from the corner. "I think Sophie's looked worse from tripping down the stairs."

      Everyone laughed, except Sophie, who kept her eyes fixed on Fitz's foot. 

      "Uh, well Fitz actually did trip down the stairs," she felt the need to point out.

      "That's what makes it the lamest injury in the history of injuries," Dex told her, slinging an arm around the small metal headboard of the cot. "What did you do? Stub your toe?"

      Fitz let a smile cross his face. "Actually it's a sprain. But Elwin says it's not a very bad one." He sat up a little bit. "Besides, I wouldn't have fallen if Keefe didn't shove me into the banister."

      "Yeah, how exactly did that happen?" Biana asked.

      "He was running from Tam!" Marella chimed in, making the silver-haired Shade scowl from his side of the room.

      Linh nodded along with her. "Yep. I saw the whole thing. Keefe was screaming something about bangs with Tam's hair products gathered in his arms."

      "And he dropped them all on me when I fell," Fitz added. "I think he was using me as a distraction."

      "Ooh--that's just adding insult to injury." Sophie told him. But picturing Keefe dumping them on a poor Fitz and then running off almost made it funnier--if you excluded the part where Fitz got hurt.

      "No, that's adding awesome to injury!" Dex exclaimed. "So you're telling me that Sencen not only stole Tam's bang supplies, but also shoved you down two stories while raining hair cream down on you?"

      "Uh, it's hair gel." Tam corrected. 

      "Oh please," Linh nudged his shoulder. "If you want to get technical, the exact product I believe I saw in there was 'Zurek's Magical Hair Shiner'."

      Tam's face went red when everyone's chests heaved with laughter, and he began protesting that Linh just had the name wrong.

      "Whoa, what's with all the giggles going on in here?" They all turned to see Elwin enter the room from the side door that led into his office. He was grinning, messy brown hair almost covering his eyes as he neared Fitz's cot. "You guys having a party or something?"

      "Nope, just checking up on Fitz's ankle," Marella told him.

      "And Tam's magical pomade." Biana cut in.

      Elwin shot them a raised eyebrow, but didn't push it when he saw how flustered Tam looked. He turned to Fitz. "How's the foot doing?"

      "Fine. It doesn't hurt very much." Fitz insisted. 

      "See, now the key words there are 'very much'." The doctor flicked his hand, bringing a pulsing white light above Fitz's cast. "It doesn't look bad, but you'll still need to stay in here for another day or two."

      Fitz nodded knowingly as Elwin looked at the rest of them, gathered around with lingering smiles plastered to their faces. "In the meantime, you guys may want to go."

      "Aw, but we only just got here," Dex protested. They all nodded in agreement.

      "Yes, but Fitz needs to rest if he's going to get better. And I assume you want that, right? Right Sophie?" He added when she was the only one with a scowl.

      "Right." She mumbled, although it would have been nicer if Dex had been listened to.

      Elwin smiled and waved his hand. "Alright--get outta here!" He teased.

      They all shuffled to the door, filing out slowly until Sophie was the last one at the doorframe, Biana just having squeezed her way out.

      "Thanks for coming, guys," Fitz called to them.

      Biana and Sophie turned, being the only ones to hear him, and Fitz met their eyes. 

      "Anytime," Sophie told him.

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    • This was really good! I only wish Keefe was there tho I NEED SOME HEALING BETWEEN KEEFE AND FITZ-

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    • I love this!! I can't stop laughing, what have you done to me you beautiful person...

      THANK YOU for writing this. I don't know about anyone else but this is the kind of fanfic I've been looking for (because it's not like anything like this is going to be in the books, unfortunately)

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    • XD thanks so much

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    • Oh my gosh!! This is amazinggg!! I love this so so much! I really like how it has nothing to do with ships- it is very refreshing!

      You are an amazing author! I love this so much and can’t wait for the next one!!

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    • Yesssssssss

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    • Jax. You are incredible. Sokeefers and fitzphiers alike bow to your magnificence.

      No matter what,


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    • XD

      thanks X

      ( by the way, I will be posting later this evening. i was catching up on some other wiki stuff before doing fanfic stuff )

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    • Yay! :D

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    • ... I don't mean to be annoying or pushy... but did you ever get around to posting? Sorry if I seem demanding... I just really love these snapshots of friends being... well, friends :)

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    • I absolutely love these. Okay, this is now my favorite oneshot thread. It is AMAZING. I love how they're just joking around and being friends, JUST FRIENDS, because I need this. No matter how much I ship some ships, I need people being friends without awkwardness and blushing and crushes and drama. This is perfect, and your writing is so good, which makes it even better. When will you post again?

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    • yep...not proud of my updating schedule

      I'm really sorry guys, i meant to get around to posting sooner, but I promise I'll have one out later today

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    • No no it's okay :) Don't rush yourself or anything

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    • no worries, whenever you're able to or feel like it is okay!

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      • ahem* no real description this time--except at this point in the story, Sophie only had four abilities, so keep that in mind.

      "So I've had an idea--and lemme tell you, it's pure genius!"

      Dex groaned from the overstuffed beanbag he was slumped on, lowering a bronze stick made of intertwined wires. "Is this another prank idea, Keefe?"

      The blonde haired boy grinned from the door. "How did you know?"

      Sophie snorted and looked up from her desk, covered in rune books and scrolls. "Just so you now, we are soooo not getting involved."

      Keefe crossed the room in a few strides, flopping down in a large plush chair. "See, now I was just thinking the Great Pranking Adventures of Foster and Keefe has a great ring to it--and Dex, of course," he added when Dex shot him a look.

      The Technopath rolled his eyes. "It doesn't matter how great it sounds. It matters that your last prank was an epic fail. I think you've lost your touch."

      "What was his last prank?" Sophie asked when Keefe clutched his heart as though offended.


      "We don't need to discuss it," Keefe interrupted Dex, holding out a hand to silence him. He leaned back into the chair and flicked at his intentionally messy and rumpled cape, smirk still plastered to his face. "What we do need to discuss is how awesomely boring this homework is. I mean, I thought getting away from Foxfire would guarantee no more school work, and then they hand us this?"

      He thrust out a hand at the rune books Sophie had flipped open and shook his head. "We need some quality memories of this place--some that don't include these little symbol thingies."


      Sophie and Dex both jumped in their seats as Biana appeared next to Keefe. Her Vanishing abilities made it really easy--and really annoying--whenever she snuck up on them.

      Keefe, the only one who didn't jump when Biana appeared, held out a fist and smirked. "See? She agrees with me."

      Biana accepted and bumped fists with Keefe. "I've been reading one of these things for the past hour and I still don't get anything. I think I could understand ogre better than this."

      "Nah--ogre's too confusing." Dex told her, fiddling with the gadget. "And hard to pronounce. But Sophie's got it down."

      He didn't look up at her, but Sophie saw a cheeky smile spread across his face. She folded her arms and grumbled, "Polyglots tend to do that."

      "Yeah yeah yeah, Miss Ability Quartet--now how are we gonna ditch the rune scrolls?" Biana asked Keefe.

      A look of madness crossed Keefe's face and he tapped his fingers together like a movie villain. "We'll prank the Collective."

      "WHAT?" Sophie and Dex both spewed. Keefe laughed at their reactions and Biana grinned.

      "I"m in," the Vacker told them, and Keefe looked like a proud teacher.

      "You realize Forkle will kill you, right?" Dex asked.

      "And they'll probably kick you out," Sophie added.

      Keefe shrugged and leaned back in his chair. "They wouldn't dare risk losing The Hair." He carefully patted the back of his head. "Besides, it'll give us something to do instead of reading."

      As Keefe pretended to shudder at the word, Sophie rolled her eyes. "If anything, they'll lock you up and force you to read."

      "They won't be able to with the pranks I'm cooking up."

      Dex frowned. "Do you mean that literally, or..."

      He trailed off when Keefe raised an eyebrow.

      Biana collapsed onto a blue beanbag across from Dex, crossing her arms together. "Well if you two are going to be boring about it, Keefe and I will go ahead."

      "Who said we're being boring?" Dex asked, arms matching Biana. 

      She smirked. "I did.'d like to participate in the pranking?"

      Dex's mouth became a tight line, and he stared at the ground for a moment before holding out a hand. "Fine. But only because I'm not boring. And...pranking my mom is fun."

      Keefe snickered and shook Dex's hand. "You won't regret it, Dexinator. I've got some real juicy plans being concocted."

      Sophie blew out a sigh, rising from her chair. "You guys have fun with that. Meanwhile, I'll be doing Cognate Training."

      A laughing fit from Keefe ensued, causing Sophie to turn around from halfway across the room.

      "What's funny?" She asked when Biana also began giggling.

      "I hope your Cognate Training included practical jokes, because I've already got Fitz wrapped up in this."

      Sophie's jaw fell. "What? Why did he agree to this?"

      "He probably thought you and I would be apart of it," Biana told her, flicking dust off the side of her beanbag.

      "Oh yeah he did." Keefe said. "What can I say? The Fitzter has a pranking spirit hidden behind the Wonderboy facade. Or maybe I'm just really persuasive."

      "Uh-huh--like that'll ever be true." Dex rolled his eyes. "Did you get Tam and Linh to do this, too?"

      "Nope. Bangs Boy didn't want his twin getting into trouble. But I mean, how could she get into trouble when I'm in charge?" Keefe gestured to himself and smirked. He turned to Sophie. "So, Foster? What do you say? We could really use some more Blonde Backup."

      "Hey--I'm Blonde Backup!" Dex protested.

      "Not to me, Strawberry," Keefe remarked over Biana's sniggers. "Well, Foster?"

      Sophie was silent for a moment, briefly glancing at the door to see if she could escape. But she took in a breath and sighed, turning back to Keefe. "Alright. What are we doing?"

      Keefe jumped up and pumped a fist in the air. "Yeah! The Foster-Keefe-Vacker-Diz--oh forget it. The Pranking Gang's official!" He turned to Dex and Biana. "You ready?"

      After Sophie's shrug, Dex's "Sure", and Biana's "Yeah!", Keefe straightened his collar and stepped to the door. 

      "Let's go prank the Collective!"

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    • alright i finally got it done

      again, sorry for not posting in so long

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    • this is really good, as usual! I laughed a little too much, but that's fine. Your writing is really great and with everything that's going on in the world (and in certain fictional worlds...), it's nice to have a moment to be able to just immerse oneself in friendship fluff and humor.

      no worries about updating schedules, whatever works for you works for us :)

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    • All of these are amazing!! It is great to read KOTLC fanfics where there is no shipping!! I just have one small request... Could you make one about Keefe and Fitz's friendship, please? I hate how Sophie ruined their beautiful friendship without even knowing. Anyhow, these are amazing and please don't stop writing them!! :D :D 

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    • Sure I can do that. Apologies for not updating in a horrendous amount of time. Frankly, I've been short on ideas and figured it was best to either let the thread die or update really slowly. But if you guys still want to see specific oneshots, I'll gladly make them.

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