• This roleplay is kind of going to be a little "strict", but bear with me here.

    So once every 500 years (YES FIVE HUND--), one child from 12 different families is selected.

    And taken.

    Taken to a place That no one has been in for a very long time.


    They are tested.

    They wake up, locked in their own bedroom, and need to find a way out. 

    Little by little, everyone will find each other and work their way to unlock the entire building.

    Which they soon find out is an inescapable castle.

    Secretly, they are trained.

    They get secret messages and signs and hints and clues.

    Trained for what, they don't know.

    It could be anything.

    But it's something big.

    Some of the previous children have succeeded.

    Some of failed.

    Both ended in disaster.

    Or so it seemed.


    1. Please don't be overpowering or anything like that.

    2. DON'T exclude ANYONE!

    3. Please, please, please only sign up if you are actually going to commit and roleplay. Every single roleplay I've been in/seen, only, like, seven out of the twenty people that signed up actually participated. And then about only two or three are left in the end and they just abandon it by the 300th thread.

    4. Please only make one profile. It takes up a lot of space and there are only 6 boys and 6 girls available.

    5. Please use proper grammar.

    6. If you save a spot, it’ll only be saved for 24 hours, then it’ll be unsaved.

    7. If you just so happen to use “profanity”, don’t spell it out. Just be like “Oh, [insert no-no word here]” or “Oh, **********************” or something like that.

    8. I worked really hard on this roleplay, so please don’t let it go to waste!

    9. Please be nice!

    10. I know there are a latte of rules, but please have fun!

    There are a total of 137 floors above ground.

    Please pick one of the rooms for your character:

    Room 1~Floor 71--TAKEN

    Room 2~Floor 86


    Canopy-beds-For-the-Modern-Bedroom-Freshome-71 (1)

    Room 3~Floor 93--TAKEN--TAKEN

    2529398-bigthumbnail (1) bhjb,

    Room 4~Floor 54

    Room 5~Floor 93 TAKEN

    407db0eabffa8036740541adc5fd7908 (2)

    But less broken, though

    'Room 6~Floor 86'-TAKEN


    Room 7~Floor 67--TAKEN


    996d8937c4942120c779c881804d681f (1)
    Room 8~Floor 42--TAKEN

    Room 9~Floor 54

    Room 10~Floor 42

    Original (4)

    Room 11~Floor 71--TAKEN



    Room 12~Floor 67--TAKEN

    Females: 6/6~FULL! FULL! FULL!

    Males: 3/5 (Sozzy I had to cut off, I already accepted all females before I remembered...)






    Room Number:

    Special Skill:






    .:Accepted Forms:.

    Name: Akari Mendalixz

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Room Number: 5

    Special Skill: Stealing/Raiding

    W0btnm-l-610x610-shorts-high waisted shorts-summer shorts-high waisted denim shorts-ripped shorts-white shorts--summer-cute-crop tops-grey-outfit-outfit idea-summer outfits-cute outfits-spring outf

    Plz let only ~Shady~ use dis pic ty


    Personality: TBD

    Background: .+*Darkness*+.

    Ships: Sure! Straight

    Other: Yeet musician

    Name: Miracle (Mira) Aspen

    Gender: F

    Age: 16

    Room Number: 11

    Special Skill: Bow and arrow stuffs!

    Appearance: Dark brown, wavy hair; fair skin; deep, blue eyes; petite; big dimples.

    Personality: TBD

    Background: [insert dark stuff he--]

    Ships: YES, straight.

    Other: Nerp!

    Name: Night

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Room Number: Room 12~Floor 67

    Special Skill: Slinking around in the shadows / stealth

    Appearance: She always wears black, always has a hood over her head.

    Personality: tbd

    Background: tbd

    Ships: no

    Other: n/a

    Name: Ava

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Room number: 7

    Special skill:agility

    Appearence: [1]Please only Aria use but never wears dresses or skirts. Cute i guess

    Personlity: Introverted, loves sports, doesn't know what to say around people, sarcastic 

    Background: TBD Ships: yup, Bi

    Other: has anxiety and always plays with the black hair tye around her wrist when she's nervous. 

    Name: Avalon Xaidia

    Gender: F

    Age: 16

    Room Number: Room 7, Floor 67

    Special Skill: Fighting

    Appearance: Like photo but ,Black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, urple cloak, Moonshadow sword(Yes it's Dragon Prince, like the ones Rayla has)


    Background: I'll make it up as I go on.

    Ships: Sure, straight.

    Other: Loves escape rooms and puzzles.

    Name: Asher Stern

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Room Number: 3

    Special Skill: Reading people and situations

    Appearance: Um..If I can't find the pic you probably know... Buut... Wavy hair that hangs in eyes, creepily dark blue green eyes, tall, teasonably fit, scars and word (Useless) on arm, pretty cute

    Personality: CALM. YEAH. (WIP)

    Background: TOO LONG AND DRAMATIC.

    Ships: Ye, Pan

    Other: Is considered a therapist  

    Name: Alex Ruewenwood

    Gender: Trans

    Age: 12

    Room Number: 1

    Special Skill: Solving riddles/tricks/deceptions 

    Appearance: Short silvery hair, cocoa-colored skin, light spray of freckls, silvery-blue eyes, short, lots of scars on right forearm 

    Personality: TBD as the rp goes along :)

    Background: Orphan, Parents were killed by WHO KNOWS WHAT,  learned to live by themself

    Ships: not yet (they are a bit too young) 

    Other: enjoys solving mysteries, writing, solving riddles, and creating riddles

    Nickname: Rue (Like RUEwenwood) (*sniffle* RUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) 

    Name: Comet Bentley

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Room Number: 6, floor 86

    Special Skill: Knives

    Appearance: Silverish blonde hair, gray eyes. About average height and he wears glasses.

    Personality: Snarky and flirtatious. A goofball on the outside but inside HES really insecure.

    Background: TBD

    Ships: YES bi

    Other: Nope.

    Name: Aria

    Gender: Female

    Age: 7

    Room Number: 8

    Special Skill: TBD is that ok?


    '[2]'Mah adowable Aria

    Personality: Super sweet, happy, positive, never takes anything seriously

    Background: TBD

    Ships: nope

    Other: Scared of heights


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