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    What scares you?

    Everyone has experienced fear at some point in their life. The fear of loss, fear of our future, fear of not being good enough. I wanted this essay to have a meaning, something I could share with you, the reader. I feared I wouldn't accomplish it. But through searching myself, my past, and my future, I found a connection within fear. They say fear stops us, but fear can drive us forward. It drives us to work harder for what we want. To be our best selves. I’ve played multiple sports my entire life, but that doesn’t mean I was good at them. When I was little I played T-ball. I hated it. The scratchy uniform, the cold games, my crying and always getting hit on the head. I stopped playing T-ball. In my second-grade year I tried again with softball. I feared getting hit, I feared the weather, I feared the game. But my fear drove me to try it. I didn’t want to let this fear beat me. As the daughter of the coach I stepped up to the plate in the murky weather as my team's first batter. I watched as the ball came flying at me, the target was my ribs. It hit its mark. Even with that pain, I loved that game. With my fear-driven away I have so many amazing opportunities for my future. Fear shows us love. It makes us realize how many things we love even if we have lost something or someone important to us. But why do we love? I believe we love because we fear loneliness, when loving we fear losing it, so we hold it tighter. My fears showed me, my love, at the end of summer right before school started. I’d known he was sick, I knew his final days were coming. The memories of that day spin in my head blurred, coming in flashes. The Vet’s office, faces of the people who saw my red eyes, the bed he laid on unable to turn his head, and finally, walking away knowing he would never follow again. My greatest fear came true that day. While I always feared his death, fear showed me how much I loved him. Fear made sure I had no regrets when he left. Through all my fear, I still remember the warm feeling of the love I had for him. Because it’s still inside of me even though he’s not next to me. Fear challenges our hope. Some of these essays might be about how hope guides us. But I believe before we hope, we fear. This year of 2020 the Coronavirus kicked us from our schools, social events, business, and so on. We all had the same fear no matter how large. Fear challenged my hope in a way it never had before. But the long list of fears I had, challenged me. So I stepped up. I adjusted, I found my new normal, I found new hope. At the age I’m at, changes in my life are getting more and more frequent. I’m scared of my future and the choices that will face me. I’m scared, but my fears won't stop me. I’ve decided to take it one step at a time. When a challenge faces me I will drive myself to conquer it. When life hurts me, I will love what I have. When things get hard I will have hope that it will get better. So if you are ever presented with fear, I hope you will remember this.

    “I believe fear shapes us when it hurts the most”.

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