•                                         -----------------------Preface------------------------

    Every minute they were stalling was every extra minute Tam had to be with the Neverseen.

    But Sophie was done. She was sick and tired of being bossed by the Black Swan, tired of being fussed over by so many people like she was a doll.

    She was project Moonlark, they had made for a purpose she didn't know............yet, but she had her own purpose, her own goal. She might be the Black Swan's creation but the choice was hers. One mistake and everything Sophie and her friends stood for would disappear, one wrong choice and everything would redo itself, all their hard work and planning was for nothing.

    'You are their little puppet' Gethen's voice taunted her in her dreams, but it wasn't going to last long. Sophie would stop it, no matter what it might take, she'll make her own path, she'd already put enough lives in danger.

    The solution was right there, it wasn't the best way but it was the only, she never played by the rules of the game but it was time that there were no rules at all. She was under no one, no one was under her, it was her and only her choice to make. She had it planned, she wasn't their puppet anymore, she never was. She took the only way that gave her answers. She needed them now more desperately than anything else. 

    She will find them and make knowledge her true, most powerful weapon ever. She won't give in to anyone, it was her legacy to live up to.

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    •                                      -----------------------Chapter 1---------------------------- 

      The past few hours were a hazy blur in Sophie's head. She remembered arms dragging her out of the matchmaking office, the matchmakers explaining something to Grady and Edaline, Grady promising her everything would be okay while directing her to her room and Edaline promising her updates when they were done talking to Magneto Leto.

      Sophie wasn't shocked or surprised, she had expected something to go wrong, something going as planned in her life was no less than a miracle but being Unmatchable? She didn't understand that nor did Grady and Edaline and judging from the constant hushed whispers from downstairs meant neither did Mr. Forkle. All she could do was wait and soak it all in.

      Images of Sophie Foster is unmatchable in red flashed through her mind no matter how hard she tried to block them. But what worried her most was explaining this to Fitz? If he still decided to go with her he would definitely be ruled a bad match. But Sophie would convince him to let go and look for someone else, the Vackers already had enough to deal with.

      Her door creaked open slightly and Edaline poked her head in 'Can we talk?'
      'Sure' Sophie patted the space next to her as Edaline crossed the carpet softly treading on the woven petals to sit down next to her. She tucked a strand of Sophie's hair behind her ear - something she only seemed to do when she was worried.

      'What is it? I can handle it I promise' Sophie urged Edaline to tell.

      ' I have no doubt you can but......... all right, I'll try' Edaline told her
      'Mr. Forkle said you were special for a reason, one that mattered most in Matchmaking'
      'My genes?' Sophie asked
      'Exactly, now to give your special abilities these genes were tweaked or shall we say modified, which means, some of the main components that are common between all elves might not be present in yours'
      'So you're saying, I'm unmatchable because of my genetically modified DNA '
      'And there's nothing no can do...?' Sophie was unsure how to finsh that question, she didn't even fully understand the complexities of her own part Alicorn DNA.

      'That's the part where I was coming to, Mr. Forkle or shall I say Magento Leto said that you already had enough criticism to deal with and no more should be added to spare you extra pressure. So he suggested that.... he'd like to talk to the council and see if they can do something......'

      Sophie managed a small laugh. 'The council, they who have not removed or even addressed a single one of the prejudices against the bad match will do something for me. They might have removed my banishment but my actions in the past have made them trust me at a very small level and you think the council could make a wise decision in such matters'

      'That's what I was worried about it at first but you're forgetting how much the council - especially some councilors - have changed since that attack on Everglen'

      ' So they removed the ban on pyrokinesis and made a bunch of fake promises but it hardly covers the fact that it was them who banned it the first place and look what it did'

      Edaline flinched and Sophie realized she had subconsciously brought up the subject of Jolie and Brant.

      'I'm sorry, I guess I'm just irritated but I can give it a try'

      'You have every right to be irritated, you're just a 15-year-old girl who has dealt with a lot of stuff people can't even dream to brave in a lifetime, but enough talking for now, I think you should eat dinner and get some sleep, we'll talk in the morning. You've had quite a .....interesting day'

      Talk about the understatement of the century! Edaline snapped her fingers and conjured a plate with mashed Carnissa roots and umber leaves. She brushed her fingers against her forehead and promised to check in after half an hour and left the room.

      Sophie changed into her night suit after finishing her dinner and laid Iggy on the other side of the pillow and listening to chain saw snore she slowly fell asleep. So much for only a trip to the matchmaking office.

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    • Ooh, nice! I love it! One thing, though. I don’t think Sophie would go so numb after she saw the unmatchable thing. She’s strong, she’s faced worse, and it makes her sound a little weak. Other then that it’s good, though!

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    • Great job so far, but you may want to use commas to separate thoughts? I love this so far though keep up the great work!!!

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    • I'll try to post chapter 2 soon and good news for both Sophitz and Sokeefe shippers because I love both the ships, so, their will be enough of both along with Aldella and a little Keefiana too.

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    • It's cool keep writing. You got this.

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    • Thanks ! I'll post Chapter 2 tomorrow but it won't be the final one because I'll edit it as I get more comments even here and on the Legacy page as well !! And maybe I'l be a little biased towards - Sofitz, Sokeefe and Aldella.

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    • (Comment above by KOTLC Fanclub) Sorry I was signed out !!! LOL

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    • o my god i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • did you go to the future and read the book????????????????

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    • are you Shannon Messenger?

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    • So are you a BOOK WIZARD??????????

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    • please respond to the three above

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    • wrote:
      did you go to the future and read the book????????????????

      DID YOU. please tell i am surviving of fan fic

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    • Sorry I didn't see this earlier. So here's the answer to your questions :

      1) Unfortunately, there isn't a time machine so, I didn't go to the future.

      2) I'm definitely not Shannon Messenger (she's way, way better)

      3) By book wizard you mean reading then yes cuz I love reading and writing both . 

      But, But, But Did you like it ???? actually, I'm kinda having a lot of things going on both academically and in sports so I'm a little busy, but from April 20 I'm free till May so I'll try to be very active then. Sorry !!! :(

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    • it was amazing

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    • PLEASE WRITE MORE... I am barely surviving, just read last chapter and almost started crying. The bad part is, I NEVER cry after books. I'm seriously considering finding her house and helping her write, been writing a fantasty. Anyone want to read it? It's Christian, and not KOTLC ( I hadn't read them yet)

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    • That was me

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    • Really well done, most of the fanfics I read aren't very good, but this is amazing.

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    • Thank you !! I'm kinda having a mini writer's block or maybe it's just all the extra pressure getting to me but I'll try to update it as soon as I can. Also please tell me the characters you would like to see more of.

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    • Maybe more rescuing Tam than dealing with the romance? And maybe a lot more Linh and Biana, maybe even Marella and Dex.

      These are just suggestions, so you totally don’t have to. And I love your story so far. It’s so good! And don’t be pressured! We’ll love whatever you write!

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    • Please don't feel pressured.  I love your writing!!!!!!!


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    • Really love your fanfiction.  Keep writing!!!

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    • i am really think your SM one your fan fic is amazing. two i could actually see this in Legacy. you can do it!!!

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    •                     ---------------------------------Chapter 2------------------------------------

      " Hey it's gonna be okay, everything works out for us right. You're very brave you know that I don't how I would've held up had this happened with me" Biana tried to comfort Sophie as the horrible revelation of yesterday came back to her.

      Biana had hailed Sophie the first thing in the morning today, asking her about what happened yesterday. It was an awkward 2-3 minutes but Sophie was glad that Biana was backing her up, she definitely helped Sophie realize that the situation wasn't as scary as it seemed. After that Biana came right over to Havenfield, as they decided what do for the day.

      "What would I tell Fitz?" The words barely came out as a whisper filled with panic Sophie had been trying to hold back.

      She was not afraid to face the Neverseen, not afraid of being exiled, she had even held her own against The Ogre King but like Edaline said something as small as matchmaking shouldn't bother her but it did.

      "You've zoned out, again" Biana shook Sophie shaking her out her trance

      "Yeah sorry" Sophie fought an almost unbearable urge to tug out an eyelash

      " I was saying Fitz wouldn't care, he likes to way too much to quit now. Seriously, Sophie, how oblivious can you be and we thought Keefe was rubbing off on you."

      At the mention of Keefe Sophie's head shot up, ever since Fitz had told Keefe about their sort-of moment, being around Keefe was very awkward but Sophie hoped it wouldn't last long. She didn't want their relationship to get in between Sophie's friendships.

      "Fitz told me, you skipped his dinner time check-in yesterday, want me to talk to him, I know it'll be hard for you?"

      "Sure !" Sophie let out a sigh of relief, she wasn't going to deny that she spent the past few hours trying to devise a small talk to explain the whole I'm the unmatchable thing to Fitz "That'd be great"

      " So, all right, I'll see you tomorrow then" Biana told Sophie standing up and brushing off her spotless gown

      "Wait, I made custard bursts, surely you would stay for those?" Edaline came in the room holding a plate of puffy pastries.

      "You got me there," Biana told Edaline, as she set the plate of custard bursts on the table and turned to leave. She was almost to the door but she turned back at the last moment.

      "Mr. Forkle hailed me some minutes ago, he said Marella came back from training with Fintan, I suggest that you girls, go meet her and try to ease her into this" Edaline told them

      Sophie immediately remembered that Today was supposed to be Marella's first lesson with Fintan.

      "Oh My God !!!!, I can't believe I forgot about it" Sophie exclaimed, banging her palm on her forehead.

      "It's okay, I wouldn't have expected you to, after what happened yesterday," Edaline told her

      "Edaline's right, It's not too late, we can go visit her now" Biana chimed in

      "All Right!" Sophie looked at Edaline "and are you completely fine with us going ?"

      "Not every pyrokinetic would be like Brant or Fintan and Sophie, you need the help of all your friends, mistrusting anyone at this stage, will not be an asset to your current situation" Edaline reminded her

      "What if Fintan is brainwashing us against her?" Sophie asked hating herself for thinking, hating that Marella might be tricked into his talks but again - Sophie had as well.

      "I don't see Fintan taking such a risk given his present state, it might not seem right to you Sophie but elves can commit wrong things and some may even get away from the guilt, but every elf at some point of time will try to redeem their actions. Yes Sophie, even Fintan. Look at Keefe for instance.

      It was true, ever since Keefe came back from the Neverseen, he had been trying to make up for his actions.

      "You're right" Sophie told Edaline, standing up and starting to make her way towards the leapmaster 500 "Let's go visit Marella !"

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    • ^ Chapter 2 is out guys, hope you like it !!!! Anyway some question or suggestions you gave - so I'm not making it about romance (since it complicates things and it's not really my area or stuff that I like on, so I'm focusing more on the plot), the first chapter was there to only clear things up. Secondly, this chapter had Biana and the next will have Marella in it (as main roles).

      - KOTLC Fanclub

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    • Dexxxxxxxxxx

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    • are you sure your not sm i really think you are

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    • Pretty Sure I'm not. Take my word for it !!! I promise (I really do) I'm not because S.M. is way-way, way better and Legacy will be a thousand time better than this fanfic. This is just my way to not get mad in the wait for the Legacy !!

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    • well your really good

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    • MORE!!

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    • I will try to post more chapters as soon as I can !!!

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    • encouragement phrase

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    • Please make it Sokeefe. Also, GREAT JOB. This is SO good.

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    • Please be Tiana! And I love your book, it’s the best one I’ve ever read, I love it!

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    • sorry but this book is not that great ive read way better "legcay" books on wattpad

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    • like no offesnse but i can think of two off the top of my head

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    • guys u shld go to wattpad and search for them i can recommend some good oens if u want

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    • By the way KOTLC Fanclub, I love your new profile picture! Avengers Endgame forever!! *starts crying* It was so good!

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    • And A FANDOM user 2600:1700... please try to be kinder to the author. If you think this one is bad and that the ones at Wattpad are better, keep it in your head. You don’t need to say it out loud and make the author feel bad. It was kind of you to offer showing better ones, but please try to be kinder with your words next time. I’m sorry.

      And I, for one, think this story is one of the best one I’ve ever read before. I love the writing and the plot and the way it doesn’t focus on the romance instead of the story. Please keep writing! This is AMAZING!

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    • Thankyou for all your comments, Chapter 3 is on it's way. Maybe it will be up by next week. Also A Fandom User 2601:248:500:94C7:58F4:63CC:E6E3:3E14 , Thanks, also if you want talk about Marvel, you can discuss about it on my message wall, such things are always welcome.

      Below are ceratin policies of Do's and Dont's for this page. Try not to voilate !!!

      Comments and Suggestion/Reviews - More than welcome

      Offensive comments to anyone on this wiki - Not tolerated

      Book Reccomendations - Sure, just try not to do it too often

      P.S : Any Marvels Fans Out There ? Anytime you want to talk, my message wall is always free !!!

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    • Any suggestions ??? What do you want to see in the next chapter ??? Please comment below.

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    • maybe some of Marella training

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    • with Fintan i mean

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    • Yeah! That would be awesome! From the recent books, I’ve really wanted to see Marella truly use her Pyrokinesis, in a good way, of course.

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    • I want to see Fitz's reaction to the whole unmatchable thing

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    • Yeah!I would also like to see how Fitz would react to the "Sophie's unmatchable" thing

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    • Seeing Fitz's reaction would be nice.

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    • me too

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    • I would like to see it as well

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    • Me...whatever number we're at

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    • Thanks alot guys !!!! I'll try to post the 2 chapters (Marella and Fitz ones) by sometime this month. But, can you guys can write to me on my message wall with some suggestions? Since, Fitz' chapter can be very conflicted because the plot twist is HUGE !!! 

      P.S. : If you're a Marvel Fan and are looking for poeple who are movie nerds like you, please check out this club where we talk about everything and anything Marvel !!!

      Kudos :) !!!! Peace Out \/

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    • this is amazing! cheaking for a part two right now!

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    • A FANDOM user
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