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    ~Princess Falcondrop

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    • Alia: Before she was elected to the Everblaze board, instead of being a board member, Aina was the head teacher at Foxfire School. Alina is a beggar, a skill that attracts others with her voice. She had previously gone to Alden Walker and even tried to stop Alden and Delra from getting married. He did not support Sophie while he was a board member, but he seems to be changing his legacy.

      Bronte: Brontë is a wrestler. It is up to Sophie to seize her opportunities. He’s always relentless in his introductory book, and he seems to hate Sophie. When many councils opposed Sofia, it changed its position and became one of the few to support it. It was the only war until Sophie entered the city. He is currently the director of Sophie Foxfire. Bronte is a senior member and vice chairman of the board. Despite being Sofia’s favorite advisor, he later became one of Sofia’s most loyal supporters. Obviously, Bronte is not Sophia's biological father.

      Brown: Clarette has long black hair up to her waist and bronze skin. Very strong Polyglot, perhaps the strongest in the world of Elvin. You can use your talents to command animals and be able to imitate tongues and accents. He was the counselor who directed the Arthropleura that offended Fitz in Book 4: Neverseen.

      Drake: Book :: As a loadstar, he has the most powerful of all corporators in telekinesis.

      Green: Pure blue eyes stand on the beach. They are telemetric and allow companies to communicate across the street by phone. He is the head of the council and says a lot of effort is being put into it. Sufis have different feelings.

      Laura: Laura is brass skin and cable, as mentioned in Book 3: Our Herbs. He ate food on the way to Luminaria.

      Noland: Noland has black hair that they wear to the ponytail. He is the Worcester, an elf that can whip out loud.

      Orly: Ori is also gold and seems like a princess far and wide. His ability exists, and often with mystics. She fell in love with cancer and was devastated after her death in book 3: Everblows. Because of his relationship with Kinsey, Flynn strongly advised her to resign, which he refused. She was one of the councilors, wore a very tight circuit shirt against the Sufis and she was always on the Sufi side. Book 4: The New Virgin Gives Aurora Canary the Sufi Keys She then helps Sofia with different things. Internally, it is revealed that Arielle is Sophie's biological mother. At the end of Book 8: The heir, Orali offers to open his cache, as he believes forgetting is another secret that can save Caffe.

      Ramreira: Contact Willy Annall's counsel for Tim Wilton.

      Turkey: Black hair is brown and Colt has blue eyes. He is one of Sufi's contributors, and will assist in book 2: exile and book 3: our attention. The track is a dream, a special ability that allows him to feel capable. This is considered depressing parents, because parents always want to explore their children's abilities and children may have less chance to live up to their potential when they do not know what it is. In Book 5: Lodostar, Lamerica suffered a leg injury during his walk, then he was uethenized.

      Walia: Wayne is good with maps for not asking questions.

      Gold: The use of electricity in a particular capacity of gold, possibly called a charger. She can control electronics and electricity. In Book 4: Nunarius, he almost killed the Phyllis.

      Canary: Canary was smiling with a big nod to Dave Smile. He was clearly in love with Iorio, but he also had a close relationship with her. Sophie, Fitz, Auden, Tigergan, Tiarak, and Aurelie are rescued while Fulton dies on Hunge as the Claws Blaze destroys the building. At the beginning of the navigation, Aurelie instructs Sophie to arrest him, as he does before he dies. His full name was Kenrick Elgar Vinson.

      Payne: Resigns from council after paratax ban.

      Fallon Walker: Alvarez, Fats, and Suarea are great people, who are great people. He resigned to marry.

      If this doesn't make you lol, I don't know what will...

      Here is one that I did earlier today (June 24, 2020) for all of the Councillors.

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    • First :3 (other than you)

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    • lol i'm trying to do keefe but it's not workinggggg

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    • just keep trying! It'll work eventually. And if it doesn't, *shrug* not important.

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    • I put the original post into google translate.

      Hi there, join Google Translate and chat with the wiki page. For those who do not know how to proceed, search the email address to translate Google Translate terms. In the next box, hold your tongue and then extend your body to what you have entered. The selected text must select a different word. If you want to stay here, enjoy!

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    • XD

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    • Random ad :P

      If you like horses, join my club!

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    • Before:

      No Internet


      • Turning off aeroplane mode
      • Turning on mobile data or Wi-Fi
      • Checking the signal in your area


      The Internet
      Estendon River

      From l'avion ' This is the Avon country
      Mobile section
      Verification du Thais letter Aanand al


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    • BEFORE:

      Silla Heks is one of the many members of the Heks family. She is related to StinaVikaOllie and Timkin Heks. Like the rest of her family, she specialises in equestrian studies and caretaking and is an Empath.

      She was the elf who took care of Greyfell. Silla Heks noted all kinds of interesting observations about the way her alicorn had affected her emotions. She also thought that alicorns have a special way of inflicting their feelings on others - both good and bad. Silla relocated Greyfell Pre-Keeper. As a result of her success preparing him for the Sanctuary, other Hekses believed they had a right to Silveny.


      Bridge Hex is one of the many members of the Hex family. He is with relatives of Stin, Vic, Ollie and Timkin Hex. Like her family, she specializes in learning, cares about moderation, and is full of emotion.

      This giant took care of Griville. Sella Hicks made several interesting remarks about how this point affected her feelings. He also believes that the eagle is a special way to arouse the feelings of others - good and bad. Silla changed to Greyfell Para-Keeper. Icas and others believed that the taboo campus they had successfully created was in the right Sylvin.


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    • Before:

      Watson is a dog owned by the Foster (Freeman) Family. When Sophie chose to have her family's memories wiped, she requested that Alden give them a large yard so that they could get a dog. They ended up getting a beagle that her family named "Watson."

      Watson, along with Marty, went to Atlantis with Sophie and Amy in Book 6: Nightfall. Apparently, he and Marty were quite vicious, shredding Alden's tunic sleeves to bits because they did not know him.

      It can be noted that Watson is the name of Sherlock Holmes' companion, a common motive in the KotLC universe.


      A dog of the Watson Foster family (Freeman). When Sophie decided to erase the family's memories, she asked Alden to give her a large yard to raise dogs. A dog called his family "Watson."

      Watson Book 6: Waterfall Marti accompanied Atlantis, Sophie and Amy. He and Marty looked so stupid that they cut Alden's hand because they couldn't catch it.

      Watson can be considered as his partner, Sherlock Holmes and KotLC are a popular topic in the universe.

      OH. MY. GOSH. I. AM. DYING.

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    • XDXD

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    • Before

      Lady Pemberley is first mentioned in Legacy. She is a Telepath and has blonde hair. Lady Pemberley is married and has a son named Dempsey, who fought against Sophie in the quarterfinals of the Ultimate Splotching Championship. Keefe Sencen ruled her as a possibility for being Sophie's genetic mother in his search for Sophie's biological parents but found her a somewhat unlikely candidate as he believed they were looking for someone who lived alone since they'd put their family in danger by being involved in Project Moonlark.

      Mrs. Bemberley was named a legacy. Telepathic and her hair is light. Lady Kimberly is married to the white father of playmaker Dempsey. Kiff Sanson set this up as an opportunity to become Sophie's biological mother, looking for Sophie's biological parents, but found a suitable candidate because she thought she was looking for someone to live on her own because she had a family. Irritable. In danger. Monthly balance project.

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    • Before:

      The Foxfire class, Multispeciesial Studies teaches prodigies about the cultures and intelligent creatures elves share the Earth with. These such creatures include ogrestrollsdwarvesgnomes, and goblins. The "Foxfire Academy Sessions" paper released on the Simon and Schuster website claims that it excludes humans, as a result of their betrayal. For Sophie's first midterms in this class, she was assigned an essay on ogres, which she did decently on. This class is not optional

      With various fox photos, a good overview of our culture is on smart ground. That said, you have a fire, a demon, a nose, an elf and a fake elf. Simon and Schuster, who announced online at the Foxfire Academy conference, said it was a blockade on the country’s hills. As a first step to indicate Sophie’s impatience in her class, she said you acted well and she went to town. Categories are ich.


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