• Hey fellow Army! Just wanted to ask you, who's your bias in BTS?

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    • Oh haha just realized that someone else also asked that! Lol ;)

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    • Another question, just curious, any kpop groups that you think are underrated? Are you excited for TXT?  What's your fav BTS album? Haha sorry for asking so many questions! I'm always like this with people who like Kpop. (and yes, in real life i am very awkward) lol

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    • So sorry! I hacn’t been on here in a few days and so I just saw this. My bias is V *fangirls intensly* I think there are a lot, like Mamamoo, (who are thankfully gaining attention now), and ATEEZ.

      AND YES I AMMMMM I’m going to stay up until 2:00 am to watch them debut. I’m so excited >.< I think my favourite would have to be Love Yourself: Answer. I love them all in general, though.

      I’m going to ask you some questions too. When did you start liking K-pop? And what is your ultimate group? Also, do you have any favourite solo artists?

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    • Ooo nice, LY: Answer is my fav too!

      I started liking kpop during August of 2018. My ultimate group is BTS. Honestly, I haven't been listening to any solo artists recently. Probably IU...

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