• I want to work as a double agent. I joined the neverseen already and I want to betray them.

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    • .*l e g a s p*


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    • Of course betrayal! How else would I kill Fitz? I got to be on both sides so if Sophie recognises me she won't kill me. In fact I can do It right now! *Grabs a knife from the neverseen* *finds a cloak* *finds evil smile* *looks around for something to say to Fitz, a poem perhaps* *Puts Fitz in a dark hole with some bacteria. * Yells "  I Will rule the world!mwhahaha (Where did that come from....) * realizes that I am supposed to be working for the black swan and  not the neverseen* Says to Fitz "This is just a test! And you get to be the bait" Before realizing I have my cloak on.  Okay I think that is enough now! *bows*


      *clap* *clap* *clap* Wow! Nice performance! You are obviously an experienced Drama Queen/Pouter/Actress/Actor! *Claps some more* That's enough now! *Bows even though I am clapping for you*

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    • Oh wait I wasn't supposed to kill Fitz, I want to help the balck swan. Oops.....I think I was still killing Fitz for Complicated (Wandergirls Fanfic) 

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