• Α ℓιттℓє мσяє ωєιя∂

    Okay, so, I wasn’t expecting to have a long-lost elf sister. Nobody really does. It just… Happens, I guess? Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome. My sister is the savior of an elven world.

    It’s also a little weird. But mostly awesome. I decided to keep my memories after they found my parents, but I asked one request.

    To keep my real name. Well, kind of. I wanted too, but they said I couldn’t. So I decided on May, an alternate spelling of Amy. Natalie was just weird. I remember back before Sophie was an elf-Well, she always was an elf. But not officially. – There was this one girl in school with the name Natalie. She always stole my glitter pens, and told me she’d give them back, but never did. I don’t want to have the same name as a pen-stealing jerk.

    It’s always good to have a powerful person on your side. Always there when you need someone’s memories to be erased. Or given.

    Me and Sophie meet at least 2 times a month. Yeah, you might be wondering how, because wouldn’t my parents be suspicious of their daughter disappearing 3 times a month? Well, because I asked Mr. Forkle to give my parents memories of sending me away to Grandpa’s house (AKA a Black Swan hideout) 2 times a month.

    I have a sleepover, me and Sophie chat, and “Grandpa”, AKA alternate Mr. Forkle appearance, brings me home.

    And he sometimes erases their memories of me sneaking out at night and being grounded. He’s cool like that.

    The moral is: Your creepy neighbor could be your sister’s creator, and an elf. So don’t take them for granted.

    Oh, don’t worry, there’s more to the story!

    This is going to be about my life after Nightfall. Trust me, it’s a little weird. But as a teal-eyed boy once said,

    We could all use a little more weird in our lives.

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