• I've never welcomed anyone before, but hello! and welcome to the wiki. Here's a few (optional, of coarse) questions to get to know you better, and start conversation on this wiki!

    Do you have a name I should call you by? I go by Wynn

    What pronouns do you use? I use they/them, personally

    Who re your favorite KOTLC characters? I like Keefe, Linh, and Ro

    What colors would you dye Iggy? I'd like to see him looking like a bumbleee

    Enjoy your time on this wiki, I don't have a fancy badge, but I'm working on figuring how to code some stuff out. This is the most welcoming wiki I've been on, so you'll have fun!

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    • Hello!

      1: I go by Caroline

      2: I use she/her, or kotlc/fan lol

      3: Hmm... Maybe gold or silver

      Thank you for welcoming me

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    • Hmm, he would look cool if he was all metallic.

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    • Ha!

      1. My name is Ariana

      2. I use she\her as well. You can also call me KotLC Obsession (LOL) jk

      3. I love Keefe and Sophie. I also love Ro. 

      4. I actually like at the end of Flashback when Dex dyed Iggy yellow and covered him in glow in the dark sparkles... it said in the book that it was bright but not bright enough to disturb Sophie while she was sleeping. the book also said it cat a glowing halo aroung Iggy. i'd TOTALLY love to see that

      and btw my ships are Sokeefe, Dexiana, and, well, Fitz+Linh (Finh, maybe??)

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    • (Notif)

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    • And I am KotLC_Fanatic

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    • A FANDOM user
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