• Hello everyone! Welcome to my first fanfic, I know everyone has been dying to know about the great gulon incident so here is my version of it, I'll try to post one chepter a day, leave a comment if you want, I hope you enjoy!

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    • KEEFE’S POV 

      As he walked the long way to the healing center after twenty tedious minutes of bending the truth, Keefe thought about how he wasn’t really reaching his full potential since his last great scheme. When Keefe rounded the corner he was so caught up in his mischievous ways that he did not notice Fitz coming up the hallway “Ufh” he grunted as they collided. 

      “Please tell me you aren’t planning, when we first met you had that exact same look on your face.” Fitz half moaned half laughed at the look Keefe shot him next.

      “I told you, call me Captain Custard bursts!” Keefe said regally, striking a “heroic” pose “Actually, I was just ditching class for the day, wanna come?” Keefe asked, classically changing the subject with one witty retort. He did not want Fitz to go all, perfect pretty boy and rat him out.

      “Ooh what’s that?” Keefe asked pointing to a white eye shape sticking out of one of Fitz’s books

      “Oh, that, nothing, I thought it might spice up one of my tunics with a uhm… patch…” Fitz seemed to be putting a haphazard excuse together but Keefe couldn’t pay any attention to it, he had to get to the healing center, and quick. Keefe had to slow down to a walk when he finally reached the healing center, after all, sick elves don't run ​​​as fast as he did through the pearly hallways.​​​​ Once he was in the healing center he took one good look at Elwin and said, "Now that is what I call taseful dressing" Keefe exclaimed as he walked in and saw Elwin with his trademark messy hair 

      spiking off in all directions, then he saw something even better, Elwin was wearing pajamas with tiny little Gulons on them. As Keefe stepped in he saw that the shelves were more cluttered than usual, and then, he had the greatest most idiotic most amazing idea ever, he knew what he would do next.

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    • Awww xD I love Keefe so much :D

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      Keefe's POV

      The next morning Keefe woke up bright and early and rubbed the half hour of sleep from his eyes, he had been haunted by nightmares of a beautiful young woman with blonde hair like fine silk (obviously not as fine as Keefe’s) and eyes like melted chocolate being whisked away by an unseen enemy and Keefe couldn’t do anything about it, not even upon his coal hued swan. As Keefe desperately tried to get her screaming images out of his head he couldn’t all he could think of were her pleas for him to help her. Keefe snuck to the forty ninth floor of candleshade to sneak out his sketchbook

      “Keefe, what are you doing, how many times have I told you, those will only dirty you more, you must be perfect for it!” Keefe’s mother scolded as she entered the room and snatched the book from his hands and chucked it out of the window, little did she know, he had a contraption to save the poor little books from a horrible fate. Here we go again, Keefe thought I have to prepare for it I’m not good enough for it I need to stay pure for it, Is she ever going to tell me what it is Keefe kept mulling over theories about IT in his head, once his mother was finally done ranting Keefe slipped past her to sculpt his hair to perfection when he saw the patch, the same white, circled eye that Fitz had tucked into one of his books at school, what did this mean???

      I know this is short but I just had to do it

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      Also I love his dream :)

      THIS IS SO FREAKY (in a good way) (in the best way) xD

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    • Flashes back to Flashback *shudders* remembers sophie's terrorized dreams as well

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    • This is really good please post more

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    • thank you, feel free to share this with people

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      “Mother?” Keefe shouted as he stormed down the hall after Lady Gisela holding up a thin piece of paper with a sketch of the eye on it, “What is it now Keefe, have you come to beg me for your notebooks back, they are already gone,”

      His mother droned coldly

      “Actually, mother I would like to know what this is!” Keefe asked, stabbing a finger at the paper with the eye on it. His mother seemed to be very surprised at this, after a few moments fumbling with her words she finally dismissed it as, “Oh, that? That is just a tutoring session for the younger children, Fitz has just recently agreed to do it with me.”

      “Oh, alright then,” Keefe did not have time for this, his mind was already choosing a team of the optimal people to be in his plan.

                      At school Keefe saw his first choice, Marella Redek, she knew everything that was happening in the lost cities, she was also smarter than she let on, Keefe snuck up to her locker and slipped the note inside. His next teammate would be Dex Dizznee he was a nobody and a genius, a bonus was that his dad owned the top elixir and potion shop, Slurps and Burps this process repeated with Stina Heks, kinda jerky but not too bad. Keefe just needed to find leverage, then he would be able to use her family’s resources. His last one was Alvar, he was a vanisher, which meant he could sneak in and out of places that no one else would be able to. He would also be able to provide a little insight on what was happening between Fitz and his mom. The next day Keefe stepped up to the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, the hill he was on was covered with luscious pink, yellow, blue, purple and red blossoms weaving around the regal trees that were showering pearly white petals on the fields. That wasn’t even the best part, it could never match the view over the teal rapids crashing over the ice blue flowers that somehow had managed to survive and flourish.

      “So, you gonna tell us why we're here boss?”asked strawberry blonde Dex Dizznee with the entire crew standing behind him.

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    • I LOVE IT

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    • Awwwwww I love the team!

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    • Yeah, I made Stina nice so she could have a reason to be mean

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    • yeah, that makes sense

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      Keefe’s eyes drifted across his makeshift team from Marella to Dex to Alvar and asked

      “Alright, here's the plan, do you guys know those crazy introverts that live in, like, a zoo?”

      “Who, Lord and Lady Ruewen?” asked Marella and Stina at the exact same time

      “Yeah, them, well, I heard that they used to breed gulons, ever since they cut themselves off those gulons have been going out of control, I need you guys to herd them into traps so we can transport them into the ninety ninth floor of my home. There we can talk about the rest of the plan.” A few hours later Keefe led Marella, Stina and Dex into the overgrown yard while Alvar scouted ahead

      “Psst. Hey, guys, around the back of the house there are a bunch of animals that may give us away, we’re gonna have to crawl through.” Alvar whispered from what seemed to be behind a giant overgrown hedge, or it was a giant octopus/elephant swamp monster, Keefe couldn’t tell. It was eerily silent as they crossed the back yard on their hands and knees. Even with all of the creatures in their enclosures they didn’t seem to care enough to make a sound.

      “Ugh! I can’t believe we have to do this, Keefe, I loved this shirt!” Stina complained 

      “Ummm, there isn’t any dirt getting on your shirt,” Dex pointed out

      “Yeah, but these pants were the only ones that matched this shirt!”

      simultaneously Keefe Alvar and Dex

       moaned “Girls”  the yard was even more overgrown the farther back they went back, Keefe even saw a city of birds nestled in what should have been a tiny shrub.

      “Here we are!” Alvar whispered, gesturing to a medium sized fenced off area, for some reason, Keefe saw that there were a lot less plants in that area, as if she had read his mind Marella said 

      “Geez, these plants must have died because of the stench, bleugh,” as Keefe and the others gagged to the enclosure Keefe said, “Dex, get the traps ready.”

       “Yes sir,” Dex said as he unfolded the weighted blankets and got out the retractable poles, as Dex was setting up sack traps Keefe went through the plan with everyone 

      “Okay, so, Marella and Stina, you guys are gonna help herd the gulons into the trap,  Alvar, you will be our lookout and I’ll light leap the traps to my house. Sound good?”

      “As long as there are good results.” Stina shrugged, trudging towards the enclosure

      “On my mark we do this,” Keefe said, raising his hand “ready? Set? GO!” Stina and Marella hopped over the fence and herded the gulons under the blankets she the retractable poles collapsed and the gulons were stuck in an easily movable sack and Keefe took one in each hand and teleported to candleshade, Keefe hoped to anyone who could hear him that his parents didn’t know about the vault on the ninety ninth floor, if they did they were about to get very very stinky. After all of the gulons had been captured and everyone was at candleshade waiting for him to explain the next phase of the plan Keefe said “Dex, we are gonna need you to help your dad make one hundred perilous paralyzation potions, this is gonna be a special batch, it needs to last forty minutes and it needs to repress stench of any kind. Stina, Marella. You guys need to make a trap door that can be easily lifted by telekinesis and has a manual release system, you also have to map out the ventilation systems of foxfire, I’ll explain later. Alvar you need to put these plastic slips on the center of the lockers so we can open some lockers, remember take them off as soon as the person leaves, you only need one per row. Alvar?”

      “Yeah, what’s up?”

      “Can you stay after everyone leaves?”

      “Sure, no problem.”

      “Thank you.”

      After everyone had leaped home Keefe collapsed on a velvet chair and stared at the walls decorated with all of his parents awards then, Keefe’s eyes drifted to the award that Fitz had given him when he beat him in base quest. Keefe smiles at that, he loved how the blue background contrasted with the red walls, he got so lost in his memories that he forgot about Alvar standing by the door

      “You wanted to talk?” He said crossing his arms

      “Uhh, yeah, your brother has been acting weird lately, I found this patch in one of his books, it was an eye surrounded by a circle, if you find anything else weird could you let me know?”

      Alvar looked stunned, after a little while of fumbling for a reasonable response he said, yeah, sure, why not?”

      “Cool, we should get going, we don’t want my mom to hear us.”

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    • sorry, its really long, i had to get all of the facts straight

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    • ooh I really want to kno about the patch...

      great chapter!

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    • Agreed! can't wait for more :)


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    • hehehehehe, I has gottoen leverage, I can now know about youz'z fanfic, I iz powzerful

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    • hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

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    • SO-KEEFE TILL THE END wrote:
      hehehehehe, I has gottoen leverage, I can now know about youz'z fanfic, I iz powerful

      ? xD

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    • "Crazy introverts that live in a zoo"

      I love Keefe.

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    • Sorry this took so long but here ya go!

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    • Once Keefe had finally fallen asleep he fell into a dark world, he tumbled down a hill made up of all dirt and shredded his arms on a patch of spiky rocks. Once he reached the bottom of the hill, he looked up at the sky that he had fallen from. It seemed as if the sky was being eaten by a gigantic black hole. Suddenly he heard a cry for help when he turned he saw the same girl from his previous dreams  being pulled by a shimmering outline into a dark forest. He chased after the girl, reaching and grabbing her outstretched hand. The invisible figure began to reappear, becoming a black cloaked person. Keefe yanked the girl out of their grip and all three of them fell to the ground. That was when Keefe saw two things. The first one was that the black hole now looked like the patch with the eye. And the other one was that the hood of the figure had been thrown back, half of its face was Fitz while the other half was his mom. Suddenly the girl screamed as she was swallowed by a bright field of light. Keefe was then surrounded by hundreds of cloaked figures that yelled “WE ARE NEVERSEEN, YOU CANNOT DEFEAT US KNEEL DOWN BEFORE YOUR NEW MASTERS!” Keefe was taken aback by the sheer amount of people. He ran through the people, each one he hit bursted into crows. Once he had escaped he kept running and running until he fell into a gigantic hole, the farther he fell the slower he went until it felt like he was floating, he watched little snippets of his mom and Fitz talking, Fitz yelled at her saying “He’s almost discovered us!” Then Keefe’s mom said “Yes, maybe we can wipe his mind then!”

      “What?! HE’S MY BEST FRIEND!!” Fitz shouted, throwing his arms up

      “And he is my son but we must keep our anonymity.” she said, then the argument gave in to Lady Gisela talking to a hooded figure “My son is far too close to learning our secrets but his friend is one of our most valuable assets, we need a Vacker with the Neverseen if we are to proceed with our plans. If we mind wipe Keefe we will lose Fitz. What do you suggest?”

      The figure stood up, crossing their arms and said “We should burn their friendship, turn them against each other, in the turmoil the vacker will come running to us.” then gravity returned and Keefe plummeted until he shot up his bed, drenched in sweat.

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    • yay!

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    • This is a very... strange story.

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    • I need more

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    • yeah

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    • Sorry guys, I’m a bit tied up now, you might have to wait a few more days

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    • Ok

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    • SO-KEEFE TILL THE END wrote:
      Sorry guys, I’m a bit tied up now, you might have to wait a few more days

      No worries😉

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    • I finally finished the next chapter!!

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    • Keefe got out of bed and took a shower, once he was ready he raced to the leapmaster and leaped to foxfire. When he arrived the rest of the day seemed like a blur, next thing he knew he was walking out of school. He leaped to Slurps and Burps and walked in. The crazy colors reminded him of one of those optical illusion things that flashers did all of the time “Hey Dex!” He yelled “What’s up?” Dex said, his voice coming from the back of the shop Keefe walked back there through the maze like corridors of shelves, no turn was the same he saw Dex with tons of bottles surrounding him. “Number eighty four.” Dex said, filling another bottle “Welp, I see you’ve figured out the formula?” Keefe asked, gesturing to the scattered bottles “Yep, we also made it so the gas is glittery. My dad has a bone to pick with foxfire.” Dex said before Keefe could question it “We can call it the glitter tush serum!” Dex yelled enthusiastically. “Yes!!” Keefe yelled back high fiving his friend. “When I’m done I’ll tell you.” Dex said Keefe then proceeded to find Marella and Stina in a field, taking notes on a map. “Hey, Keefe! Come over here!” Stina yelled, Keefe ran over and saw that they were marking key spots on the vent map. “Oh, and that trap door thing is over there. She motioned to a wooden contraption. “Where’s Alina’s office?” Keefe asked, pointing to the map “Right here.” Marella said, pointing to an intersection of several other vents. “Cool, put an x there.” Keefe said mischievously, then, he walked over to the contraption and lifted it with telekinesis and put a few rocks on top, he put more and more until he was sure it would break, it didn’t. When he tried the dropping contraption it didn’t work. “Stina! Marella!” He yelled “You’ve gotta fix this part.” Keefe pointed to it. They ran over and began discussing it, with that, Keefe left to see Alvar. “Alvar!” Keefe shouted from in front of Everglen, his best friend's brother trotted out of the house and up to him “What happened with Fitz?” Keefe inquired “Oh, well, it turns out he was telling the truth, he attached it to an armband and put it on, I think it’s tasteless but whatever.” Alvar said, a bit too hurried. Keefe finally leaped home only to find his mother arguing with a black cloaked figure.

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    • ooh, this is good! Post more!


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    • Ooh I like this !! When do you post the next chapter ? and are you on wattpad ?

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    • I’m writing the next chapter soon, nope I am not on wattpad

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    • Wow. I <3 these chapters so much.

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    • This is so good!

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    • I have writers block. Any ideas on what next chapter could be?

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    • A FANDOM user
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