• Okay, so I was messaged this chain through a friend. It basically spreads kindness, and you have to spread the message to 15 kind people.

    Hi. We are friends, and will go through all of life together, struggles together, and good times together. If you die, I won't be at your funeral. I'll be in jail for killing the person who killed you. We will be friends until the end of time. You must send this message to 15 of the kindest, nicest people ever, otherwise you will turn super ugly in one year. If you do send this message to 15 kind people someone will realize they love you at midnight. The next day they will call you. So you must send this message to 15 kind people. You cannot send it on group chats.

    So I had to send it to 15 people, and you are one of them! Now you have to send the message to 15 kind people!

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