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“It's not supposed to be comfortable. It's supposed to remind you that we're tracking every single thing you do.”

Dex, in Book 7: Flashback

The Warden is a gadget created by Dex Dizznee, which only works on Alvar because of the connection to his DNA. The warden was created to record everything Alvar says and every move he makes. It can also monitor Alvar's heart rate to check if he's nervous or lying about anything. The gadget acts like a reverse nexus, which is designed to make sure he can't go anywhere without permission unless he wants to start fading, and this ignores how high your concentration may be. It is placed around the left ankle, under the boot and will give a shock if someone tries to tamper with the latch and will give bad burns which would need to be treated by a physician. If Alvar tries to leave by another mean of transport, other than light leaping, the shock will be harder than a melder, leaving Alvar unconscious for a couple of days. The Warden will send notifications to a gold cuff with a black jewel which Dex wears on his wrist. If Dex for any reason, logical or not, wishes to electrocute Alvar, he can do so by simply pushing a button on the gold cuff he wears.

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