The Void is a place that is used by Conjurers and Teleporters. To teleport, you have to go through the void, and conjurers keep objects in the void. It is possible to get trapped in the void, and Sophie and Keefe do so in Exile. In Neverseen, Oralie shows Sophie how she can hide things in the void, by placing Kenric's cache there. The void is a non-existential place that is like a bridge between the different dimensions of reality. Some parts of the void are described to be very warm and comfortable, while others are described to be the opposite. Sophie hid her cache in the coldest part of the void, and physically her teeth chattered while doing so. Edaline explains the relationship between the void and objects as the void pulling strings that bring the objects to her.

Lost Cities



CandleshadeChoralmereDawnheathEverglenFluttermontHavenfieldMistmeadRimeshireRiverdriftShores of SolaceSolreefSplendor PlainsSterling GablesWidgetmoor


Black Swan Hideouts

AlluveterreBrumevaleStone House

Neverseen Hideouts

The Sixteen Former HideoutsPallidroseGwynauraValkonianLady Gisela's NightfallVespera's Nightfall

Exile Places

Entrance to ExileGateway to ExileExileThe Room Where Chances Are LostThe Somnatorium


FoxfireThe Gold TowerThe Hall of IlluminationThe Healing CenterThe Silver TowerThe Tutoring Center


The Alenon RiverThe Eventide RiverSpateswale


Blackwater BayClaws, Wings, Horns and ThingsCrooked ForestDawnheath Troll HiveInktide IslandMoongladeOblivymereHall of HeroesPoint of PurityPrism PeaksSiren RockSlurps and BurpsThe Gloaming ValleyThe King's PathThe Matchmaking OfficeThe SanctuaryThe VoidTribunal HallThe Unity FountainWanderling Woods

Neutral Territories

Bosk GorgeBrackendaleMerrowmarshThe Lake of BloodThe Starkrial ValleyThe Strixian PlainsThe Wildwood Colony


ExilliumThe Arch of Dividing

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