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The Universe is a class at Foxfire where prodigies learn about the stars, planets, and astronomical objects.

Known Mentors[]

Related Events[]

  • A Universe assignment Sophie and Dex received was that they had a list of six stars to bottle light from, and they were to then find a seventh star that matched the pattern and bottle its light as well. After Sophie finished helping Dex with his assignment, they did hers. She found a forbidden star named Elementine that only the Councillors knew how to find, and bottled its light, burning herself in the process. The element turned out to be Quintessence. When Sophie got to school the next day, Sir Astin tells her that her pattern was actually supposed to be stars that were metal toned, and because bottling Quintessence is illegal, she has to undergo a tribunal. At the tribunal, they figured out that Sophie was unknowing and don't punish her.


  • Sophie has all the stars memorized due to her photographic memory.

Official Description by Shannon Messenger[]

  • "Discover the many wonders that lie beyond the boundaries of our planet. Name the stars and map their locations, uncover other galaxies and planets, and learn the potential of these brave new worlds."[1]
  • "Prodigies study the many wonders that lie beyond the boundaries of our planet, including the countless stars and galaxies, which they learn to map and name. Provides an important perspective, reminding us that no matter how powerful we may be, we are still small in the grand scheme of things, and must respect the larger natural forces surrounding us."[2]


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