Th Ultimate Splotching Championship, as referred to by Sir Caton, is an event in which telekinesis skills are put to the test. There have been more than one although only one has appeared in the series. Most recent competitions were won by Fitz, though Sophie beat him later on.

This championship goes through rounds where a prodigy pairs up with a fellow prodigy who is usually in their level and chooses a splotcher, until it is down to the final group. By this point the Mentors assign partners. In result, whoever wins the championship wins a pardon to use in detention.

In the one seen in the books, Sophie faces off against Dex, Stina, an amount of level three prodigies, Dempsey, and Fitz. Her final face-off later causes a visit to Elwin, at the healing center, when she uses a brain push against Fitz's telekinesis and the forces rebound, resulting in bashing them both into a wall.

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