The Twiggler is a gadget that Dex created in Neverseen during his time at the Black Swan hideout Alluveterre. The Twiggler is a gadget that allows the user to illegally gain access to the secret archive hidden in Lumenaria, including treaties, which is protected by the technologies of every Intelligent Species, including Humans, and contains transcripts of the negotiations made in Lumenaria. Those for Elves, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls, Dwarves, and eventually Humans were gold, silver, bronze, copper, and iron and stone (not in order). It has stone wheels attached to it like knobs that can be spun to pull up all the texts that had been blacked out, and it is made up of elements representing each of the six intelligent species. Human information is also a part of the archive because they were once part of the Elvin peace treaty.

Dex called it "The Twiggler" because every stick he added, which represented the Gnomes, improved its function. This, he explained to Sophie, was because gnomish technology was twigs and they were simply for security strength.

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