The Stakrial Valley is a neutral territory mentioned in Neverseen that the plague had spread to. Physic's usual gnomish apothecary, that is located in this valley, was closed in this location for that reason, which made her have to go to the Hekses' unicorn preserve for the feces she needed. A gnome, Mitya, once mentioned that the ogres blocked the river that had flowed into the valley, stopping its history of being lush and hearty. The southern end is home to the Lake of Blood, and much has withered there. The lake is highly acidic, and often things that touch the surface do not survive. A cave was also mentioned being on this side, as it was where Lady Gisela was dragged. It was later revealed to be an ogre prison. Physic's apothecary is presumably on the other side as it was first overrun when the plague had not reached the lake.

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