The Ethics Lecture is a speech given to prodigies at Foxfire, usually on their first ability focused sessions, by their mentor. When Sophie had originally thought that this talk was exclusive to telepathy, Grady later disproves this, claiming that anyone who manifests a special ability hears this rule set. Considering that great power comes with great responsibility and that not everyone manifests, it is important and quite a privilege for all the prodigies who listen about the restrictions of their talent.

Known Examples Edit

Telepathy Ethics Lecture - The only known example of the contents of this conversation is shown through Sophie's reflection on Tiergan's speech. From this, it is confirmed that not only are Telepaths aren't supposed to block thoughts from anyone, especially Elvin authorities, also that Telepaths have to have permission to read other elves' minds; it should also be noted that Telepaths are in high demand.

Mesmer Ethics Lecture - This is, according to Grady Ruewen, similar to the Telepathy lecture.

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