Aspen's Friend

If you have this badge on your profile, it means that Aspen - or as you call her, {{{nickname}}} - considers you a great friend of hers! It doesn't matter that you've only met over the internet, and don't know each other's real names - you're a true friend and special to her nonetheless. You've most likely obsessed together, ranted to each other, broken threads by mutual spamming, and chatted about the most random things. She has fun having a conversation with you, and enjoys reading your messages. You don't care that she's a crazy, insane, complicated, confused, obsessed mess, and she doesn't care about your so called 'flaws'- quirks are what make people unique, and interesting/fun to know!
Thank you for being such a kind, supportive, wonderful friend :)

Please only use this if Aspen sends to it you. To add it to your profile, simply put {{FriendofAspen|nickname=*your nickname for me goes here*}} into the the source code of your profile. Feel free to message me if you have further questions.

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