Teleportation is a special ability/talent that only the Alicorns and Sophie have. While traveling at fast speeds, they can transport to a different place they are thinking of. Usually, at the time to teleport, Teleporters must gain extreme velocity, fall through the void, and then back out to their destination, but in some cases, the Void can be accessed by running at a high rate of speed. Sophie describes the sensation and says she felt like a rubber band being stretched as thin as she could go before she snapped back into form. Teleporters cannot directly teleport through solid objects. The act of entering the void is described as ripping a crack into the sky and falling through it. It is also mentioned for thunder to boom when teleporting.

In the book series, Sophie finds out that she can teleport because the Black Swan modeled her DNA off of that of an alicorn. It is not technically an ability but a result of Sophie's alicorn-inspired DNA. It is said by Mr. Forkle that he thinks Sophie has brown eyes because of her alicorn DNA. Luna and Wynn use teleportation to get into the Gorgodon's cage. Keefe Sencen guessed that younger alicorns first start practicing the falling method of teleporting by running at a high speed. alicorns also tend to use teleporting to escape from enemies by falling from the sky.

Known Teleporters (both Elvin and Animalian)[edit | edit source]

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