Telekinesis is a skill that elves use to move around any object with the power of their mind.

Every elf (including Talentless) can use telekinesis because it is a skill, not a special ability. However, some elves (like Sophie when she first was learning to use this skill) are not very good at it. It is practiced in Physical Education at Foxfire using a game called Splotching.

Telekinesis usually uses core energy as a source of its strength, but highly trained Telepaths can use mental energy to fuel telekinesis as well. Mental energy is stronger than core energy and can be used for greater amounts of time without exhaustion. Mental energy and core energy do not mix and can result in somewhat explosive results as seen during the Splotching match between Sophie and Fitz, where Fitz using core energy and Sophie using mental energy (in the form of a brain push) in the game sent both of them to Elwin at the Healing Center.[1]

It can be noted that the Councillor with the best telekinesis is Councillor Darek, as proven by a splotching match of sorts in which the Councillors played each other.

A trick on improving telekinesis is to use full-body momentum. Something overlooked when using telekinesis is foot movement, with most being focused on hand and arm movement. The tiniest foot movement, such as a step, makes a huge difference.

References[edit source]

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