A Technopath is an elf with the ability that allows one to naturally understand technology and the functioning of different parts of technology. Technopaths can create and understand gadgets easily. It is said that they can sense the mechanisms of an object and manipulate it as a result. It is also said that they have a "strange language" which they use to "speak" to gadgets. It's not really speaking to the gadgets, it's more of jargon that they use to name the parts they're using at the moment.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

A Technopath naturally knows how to break into/hack technology and create technology much faster than usual elves/humans do.

Known Technopaths[edit | edit source]

Dex found out he was a technopath near the end of Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities. Over the period of the next four books, he has become an extremely skilled technopath. Some people have even said that he is one of the best technopaths they have ever seen. Mr. Forkle later confirms that he excels in the creative department of technopathy, rather than the traditional things.

Dex's mentor in Technopathy. Lady Iskra invented almost all of the elves' modern technology: Spyballs, obscurers, nexuses, etc.

Tinker is the Black Swan's technopath. She is extremely skilled, even more so than Dex Dizznee. Some of the things she's made include her pet projects and press on fingernails to hide Sophie Foster's enhancing ability.

This person has never been revealed but they built the Lodestar symbol device and scrambled Alvar's registry pendant. The Technopath also was said to have made the fake caches.

Examples Of Technopathy[edit | edit source]

  • Dex makes Sophie's human iPod solar-powered and is making it so the device is able to get a signal from the nearest human city from anywhere in the Lost Cities - which is very far away.
  • When Sophie and Dex were in Paris during Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Dex "asks an ATM for money", and the machine just gives him a couple thousand dollar bills. He hacked it before even knowing he was a Technopath, which shows they are pretty powerful.
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