Team Valiant (previously known as Team Prodigious) is a group made up of Sophie, Biana, Dex, Wylie and Stina. Sophie is the team leader. They were all made regents. They are each assigned councillors. Darek and Liora for Biana, Clarette and Noland for Dex, Ramira and Velia for Wylie, Alina and Zarina for Stina, Bronte and Oralie for Sophie. The team symbol is three pointed swirls that are meant to represent each one of the prime sources being sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. They each have an individual mascot on their team patch. Sophie’s is a dire wolf. Stina’s is a kraken, Wylie’s is a wyvern, Dex’s is a tomple and Biana’s is a kelpie

Other Names

Other possible names included Team Sparkles, Team Nebula, Team Whatever-They-Were-Going-to-Call-It,

Team T. Rex, Order of the Phoenix, Team Hotness, Team Awesomesauce, Team Dex-Is-The-Greatest.

Valiant was originally mentioned only on Shannon Messenger's Instagram, where a picture of what seems to be a Team Valiant badge has been posted. The badge has an image of a wolf howling on a teal-and-pink-and-white background. Shannon Messenger noted that "the 'Team Valiant' patch will make a lot more sense once you read LEGACY!" The badge bears similarities to the Song badge, which has two wolves rearing their heads back on it. At the Legacy events, where you meet Shannon Messenger you can get a Team Valiant patch.

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