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Crest for Team Valiant

Team Valiant (known as Team Prodigious by the Council) is a group made up of Sophie, Biana, Dex, Wylie, and Stina, with Sophie being the team leader. The Councillor's themselves swore an oath to the team: We will listen. We will learn. And we will adapt. They were all made Regents and were each assigned two Councillors as their point of contact for advise and guidance. They were given a mascot-which will represent their role in the team-a circlet, a cloak clasp, and a cloak in three different colors to represent the Prime Sources (sunlight, moonlight, and starlight) . The team's symbol is three-pointed swirls that are also meant to represent each one of the Prime Sources (sunlight, moonlight, and starlight). Their oath to be Regents is "I swear to fight with everything in my power to serve the Council and keep our world a haven of peace, hope and illumination." It is a bit different from the normal oath which is "I swear to use everything in my power to serve the Council and keep our world a haven of peace, hope, and illumination." (This is because the Council realizes their world is changing and it is no longer peaceful.)

Councillor Emery and Councillor Terik are Team Valiant’s overall points of contact.

Other Names[]

Other possible names included:

  • Team Sparkles
  • Team Nebula
  • Team Whatever-They-Decide-To-Call-Themselves
  • Team Fancypants
  • Team T. Rex
  • Team Alicorn
  • Team Hotness
  • Team Awesomesauce
  • Team Dex-Is-The-Greatest
  • The order of the phoenix


Name Mascot Patch Border Circlet Jewel Points of Contact
Sophie Foster (Leader) Dire wolf Red Ruby Councillor Bronte
Councillor Oralie
Biana Vacker Kelpie Purple Amethyst Councillor Darek
Councillor Liora
Dex Dizznee Tomple Green Emerald Councillor Noland
Councillor Clarette
Stina Destry Heks Kraken Pink Pink tourmaline Councillor Zarina
Councillor Alina
Wylie Endal Wyvern Opalescent Opal Councillor Ramira
Councillor Velia