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Tarina is a stage four troll. This means she is in her prime stage of both thought and strength. Due to this Tarina was assigned to be one of Sophie's bodyguards.

Tarina seems to be quite amazed by Elvin abilities. She asks many questions about their abilities and how they compare to the legends. When first meeting Sophie Tarina asks for an alliance between Sophie and her species, trolls. At first, Sophie is unsure, so Tarina allows her time to think. But when Luna and Wynn are on the brink of death, trollish methods are the only way to save them. Bringing the baby alicorns to the hive would reveal one of the trolls most classified secrets, so for any hope of saving the alicorns, Sophie must agree to the alliance. Sophie agrees, and Tarina reveals the hive to her and her friends, showing that Tarina trusts them.

Tarina is so agile and flexible that even Bo is impressed. She trusts Sophie so much that she asks Sophie to practice her aim with goblin throwing stars by aiming at her.

Tarina was unaware of Luzia Vacker and Empress Pernille's efforts with their troll experiment. But she insisted on helping to destroy the experiment.

Appearance Edit

She is neither tall nor short, lean nor muscular but average. She has greenish hair that grows in strands as wide as dreadlocks, but they had a smooth, glossy sheen. She has blue-green skin with the same sheen, making her look like she just stepped out of the water. Tarina has huge yellow eyes that fill the top of her face, her nearly lipless mouth taking the bottom half and a small snub jutting above it. When Sophie first met Tarina, Tarina was described to be wearing an outfit made out of some kind of moss, however, when Tarina was used as target practice, she had changed into a slick outfit which seemed to look like slimey seaweed.

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