Tam Headcanons because it is 12:00 am and I'm really hyper

- He is diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety and Elwin is looking into chronic fatigue syndrome

- To combat these things (the first two, I mean) Linh got him a white, very fluffy, super soft cat 

- The cat is deaf, but she talks... a lot. She is also very friendlly but has a bit of sass to her.

- She was a rescue and Tam felt that they'd both had a hard life and therefore felt more connected to her. She was also almost a year old when Linh brought her home.

- During the days that Tam just can't pull himself out of bed she'll come in and check in on him to make sure he's still alive and what not. She also sleeps right by his face during those days.

- Other days she'll sleep by his feet and will either chase his toes or itch her face on them (which tickles a lot and Keefe thinks it's the funniest thing).

- Since she's deaf she doesn't really here him coming and gives a very loud "MEEOOOWWW" everytime he accidentally surprises her by giving her pets. She does, however, love to be given attention.

- Linh believes this kitty the best purchase she's ever made.

- Tam's cat and Princess Purryfins do get along, but it took a hot second.

- Long story short she's helped Tam a lot.

- Also she loves food.

Feel free to give her name suggestions.

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