1. I want to see A LOT more character developement from Fitz. I want to see some Keefe+Tam bonding... I want MORE ACTION (*ahem* Black Swan's plan *ahem*). Brant is destroyed.... so i'd like to see alvar show some remorse... I want the matchmaking thing to be resolved, too. I want to see some Marella POWER!!

2. I expect to see some Fitzphie ruff spots, but i do believe that the trust in their relationship will allow them to prevail. I think Sophie's going to push Mr. Forkle to tell her her biological parents, but that's going to be hard. Keefe's gonna have trouble with Fitzphie and he and Sophie will get in some sort of conflict... it'll be weird. I think soemone's going to die. I think the Neverseen will strike a large blow, but the Black Swan will fight back harder than ever. Tam will have to prove his loyalty.

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