^Hmmm. . . wonder what they'll think of it!

JAKS, you are so right. Now I'm feeling like I was underreacting about all of those "I hate you so much right now, Fitz" moments! And I kind of hate to call them that, but I think we can all agree that that's how we all kinda feel after reading things like that. Espcially when Fitz is trying so hard to be Sophie's #1 favorite guy, like it's some competition with Keefe. Just chill out, Fitz! Another thing I feel like I have to say really quickly is this: I was kind of bothered when, in Legacy, Fitz gives Sophie the portrait of both of them, that KEEFE PAINTED, and says - like this will assure Sophie - "Oh, don't worry, I just PAYED MY BEST FRIEND OFF, because I wanted it to be from me not him." (Not actual quote) I don't think Sophie would otherwise care that much (though it would be super cute if she loved Keefe more because of it!), but it's like FItz is now trying to control who Sophie likes more, if he's unnecessarily paying people to do things for him.

Phew! Sorry, I kind of turned that into my own little rant! Sorry!

- Musical Moonlark (Christmas Edition) 🎄🎁

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