- Brant grabbed him by the neck whiLE HIS HAND WAS BURNING (poor baby Dex ;-;)

- He's constantly being forced to make things by the council? Like? And even though he doesn't really have a choice it's him (and not the council) who gets the lashback

- He seems to have quite a bit of ptsd from the first book (you know with the cave) (I mean, even in Legacy he had trouble going in there). Not to mention when Keefe is told someone was kidnapped (in Lodestar) he panics that it was Dex probably because of his trauma aaaah.

- Adding onto the cave thing, both times he went into a cave after that someone HAD to be holding onto him or else he couldn't bring himself to go back (In Exile it was Keefe and in Legacy it was Biana)

- He used to eat alone in his alchemy class ;---;

- Dex is probably great with kids because of his siblings

- He blushes SO easily (more towards the first books)

- His dad taught him a lot of talentless skills

- He's shorter than Stina, but about the same height as Keefe

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