wait wait wait what! the book nine book doesn't come out til fall  2021!!!!!!!!!! exuse me I call this book torture! and what about this book 8.5 thing does that really exist? I haven't been on this website for a while ,I actually used to be tealgold583 but my email was not working and since I hadn't been on here for a whie it logged me out completely and now I'm just "fandom user I  think that the last few books are robbing the main characters of their education and just focusing on getting themselves really injured and they haven't played basequest since book three and everyone is saying that fitz and keefe are best friends but are they really? like seeing how fitz and sophie were together ,that sorta stopped keefe from like showing sophie the truth. drawing fitz and keefe's relationship apart and causing them not to be friends anymore .And lets face it ...sophie and keefe are obviously going to get together at one point who knows who she's gonna end up with but we should go one step at a time (and seeing how i've already skiped like a thousand steps lets take it slower) I'm really starting to put ships together in mind as fast as I can but in my head sophie and keefe always end up together nd I totally ship sofitz so I keep finding ways to change it but then the others can't go with their true like ship because we both know that tam really likes biana and for the time being it looks like they are going to end up togethr and then linh and dex I have shipped but the keep changing it to biana and dex so I can;t really think of who should go with who anymore.WOW! i just realized how long i've been typing for you must be tired of em (but i'm still going to keep going) so ...glimmer was a suprise character from the neverseen right but what happened to trix! so umber's dead and so is brant so what did the neverseen do with her? didcthey get rid of her? is she still with them? or did they make her swear she wouldn't tell anyone and then just stop being a part of the neverseen.sorry for any miss spelling by the way. but still what happened to all the things that happened int he books early on ? beacuse all the friendship things are disappearing and so is dex ! alot of peopel have been saying this but it's true what happened to dex I mean yeah he's working woth tinker a lot but why can't he be in any of the important parts .He doesn't get onto the book covers .and neither does biana but she is frequently mentioned in the books . and also what happened to sophie not wanting to find out who her biological parents are? you probably don't remember this but in the third book one of sophie's secrets were when she was sharing them woth fitz was that she didn't want to know her biological parents and the know she's like on a hunt for them .and the blackswan never remembers hat the neverseen also has a secret technopath I have a theory that the neverseen is going to take dex next .But shannon really needs to wrap up the series soon or else there's going to be like a million books and it will never end! actually...that sounds pretty nice but a lot of patience and alot of hard work.I've found myself forgetting that keefe gets a new abiltiy and that I haven't had any theory's for that yet. I also keep forgetting about tam and linh.I don't even know why but I just always seem to forget about them. I have been re-reading the books too and found that the first books were much happier and no one got that hurt.( least the main characters.) 

I have been writing my own continuation of legacy because I don't know what the ninth book is called yet If anyone has any theory's about the ninth book please post them here because im really bored waiting fro the next book.bye-bye

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