I recommend the Hunger Games trilogy (great series!!), and if you haven't read it yet (which you SERIOUSLY should): The Harry Potter series. It has seven books and they made a play about the main characters' kids (if you don't want to see the play in person, you can just buy the book that has the play written in it, which is what I have). So basically, there are eight books. Also, the Divergent series!! There are four books (the first three are the main plot, last is different). I recently read it and loved it, though it's a little mature (romance between two main characters), so if you are younger, or just prefer less mature books, I wouldn't read it. Also, the False Prince series. I liked the first book a lot but didn't love the second one, so if you want to stop at the first, there isn't a huge cliffhanger or anything at the end of it like some books I know. (cough cough, KOTLC, cough cough)

- Musical Moonlark

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