OK  while I  live there will be no bashing against fitz ...ya hear cause he might have been a jerk but the apologized AND wouldn't you be angry if your "girlfriend" decided to let your evil  brother go for information for keefe his best friend who also has a deep connection for sophie and everybody knows that? don't even try to deny it ,it's true fitz has had to live with an evil brother his whole entire life and has never known it , I swear EVERYONE would feel bad, and if you need to take that  out on someone wouldn't you like to take that out on someone who actually let him go? and she didn't even hail him to ask? ya she didn't I'm not trying to be rude to sophie but she took it to seriously and then can't even say she loves keefe i mean if you love someone you tell them that .I ship sophitz deeply bu tfor me to say that it takes guts ket me tell you sophie waited YEARS to tell fitz she liked him and it was almost to late what will happen if moves on and sooner or later fitz will and everyone ,what will sophie do then ! she has waited her whole life to feel like she belongs and when she does ... she doesn't and keefe might no twait and fitz might not wait ,how will she resolve her problems then many people say keefe would wait .But you aren't sure he might not and fitz might you never know and hoestly i'm tired of all the bashing against shipps and if you want to say you ship sokeefe or sophitz go to your own page because people might not always want to see what you have to say. so please can we forget about ships for a while and like shannon says take "team sophie"! .forever and on. 

wow I didn't know that was that long LOL!

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