OK, I'm gonna put it here too since people might see it here more than other places, therefore, regain hope, but. . . 

Sophie will DEFINITELY go back into Keefe's mind to heal him (which we all know Sophie can do, which is why I didn't freak out as much as I should have when I first read this), and she'll have to (like the other mind-healings) basically overwhelm Keefe with all of her happy/good feelings towards him, and since it's (duh) Sophie, Keefe will come back for her! Yay, happy!!! He's OK!! And then, if SM doesn't do a Book Ten, then some point after this, he will admit that he likes her (either on his own, or by Ro making him do it to compensate for him coming to the Neverseen vs. Black Swan/Councillors Showdown) and they'll either kiss, with Sophie thinking that it will prove that they're just friends like her and Dex, but then it'll turn out that she realizes how much she likes Keefe, OR they'll kiss because him telling her that he likes her will make Sophie realize that she likes him. BUT THEN, SM actually might do Book Ten which is both good and bad for a bunch of reasons that I won't go into right now since I've already made this kinda long, but if SM does a Book Ten, then this whole Sokeefe confession will happen then and not in Book Nine, because honestly, I don't see SM preserving a relationship between two major characters for two whole books, considering her tendency to insert on-and-off romance moments between Sophie and Keefe/Sophie and Fitz. Whew!

- Musical Moonlark

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