I can relate. I also used to looove Keeper of the Lost Cities, but after a few months of anticipation at buying Flashback and Legacy (which I eagerly devoured), I was bitterly disappointed. In Flashback, basically nothing happened for so long, it was just healing centre healing centre ahhh Fitz looked at Sophie ahhh Fitz blinked ahhh whatever! Legacy was a bit better--- more action, but it also raised so many new questions, leaving the questions raised by previous books hanging unanswered. Right now I have 2 main problems with the series besides those stated above: One, the writing. I am hardly an English expert, but I am growing sick and tired of Shannon Messenger's limited vocabulary. It seems like every other adjective of 'said' except told, admitted and confessed is being neglected! And I swear if I see another ellipsis, which she is very generous with using, I will throw the book across the room. Two, the plot. I don't even know what 'Keeper of the Lost Cities' is supposed to mean anymore. I feel kind of like Shannon Messenger just thought of that phrase and decided to write a book series based on how cool it sounds, without giving us, the readers, much explanation of what it actually means. Like yeah, a keeper apparently has important information buried in their minds, but we don't explore the importance of that role much more after the first few books. Heck, it's not even mentioned anymore! I hope this doesn't sound too negative. I'm just trying to express my frustration.  Honestly, I'm only going to continue reading Keeper of the Lost Cities to see who Sophie's father is. And what new ability Keefe might get. --CalmCracker

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