A Talentless is an elf without a special ability. They are not seen as part of Nobility and are often looked down upon as most elves often have special abilities. When someone who is Talentless tries to marry someone else that has a Talent, they are ruled a bad match (with the exception of Timkin and Vika Heks). Talentless elves live in separate, working-class cities like Mysterium. Pyrokenetics who manifest in secret also have to live as talentless.

Known Talentless[edit | edit source]

  • Timkin Heks
    • Stina's father, Vika's husband - Timkin is without an ability and even tried to fake one.
  • Lady Galvin
  • Rex Dizznee
    • One of the three Dizznee Triplets - In the newest KOTLC book, Unlocked, Keefe Sencen's ability allowed him to guess that Rex Dizznee would be Talentless like his father. After telling his theories to Dex Dizznee, Rex's older brother was anxious and worried what the new discovery would do.
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