Bramble is a game played by the elves in the Lost Cities. There is not much known about Bramble, except for the fact that there is a championship every three years. It's played with a triangle shaped ball and involves tackling. Grady Ruewen has an affinity for the sport, for he has "a couple hundred years' worth of jerseys" in his possession (according to Sophie).

Bramble is represented by a red triangle with 2 crossing gray lines on a background of blue.

Trivia Edit

  • Although it is a popular sport among elves, it is rarely mentioned in the books.
  • It is known that the Boy Who Disappeared (identity revealed in to be Alvar in Book 4: Neverseen ) was wearing a bramble jersey when Sophie saw him.
  • When Keefe mentioned Bramble, he said, "Like, maybe a round of Tackle Bramble?" That was from Neverseen when Fitz was recovering from the getting impaled by a giant bug.
  • In Nightfall, it is learned that Keefe took Fitz's favorite bramble jersey.
  • Bramble might be a cross between rugby/football/basketball.
  • It has been said that Biana is incredibly amazing at Tackle Bramble.
  • Fitz usually wears a bramble jersey during his morning run.
  • There is a one on one version of bramble.
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