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Stiana, or Bestina, is the friendship/romantic pairing of Stina Destry Heks and Biana Amberly Vacker.

Pairing Names[edit | edit source]

  • Bestina (B/iana Vack/e/r and Stina)
  • Bina (B/iana and St/ina)
  • Bistina (Bi/ana and Stina)
  • Hacker (H/eks and V/acker)
  • Stiana (St/ina and B/iana)
  • Stiniana (Stin/a and B/iana)
  • Vackeks (Vack/er and H/eks)

Moments[edit | edit source]

Legacy:[edit | edit source]

  • Biana mentions that Stina will have to be nice to them if they work together.
  • They go to pet Wynn and Luna together.
  • Biana agrees with Stina about talking to Lady Zillah.
  • Stina and Biana confront Councillor Bronte about if he was Sophie's father.
  • Biana tackles Stina during the mud-war outside Loamnore.
  • Stina and Biana both help Sophie prepare for the ability reset.
  • Stina and Biana confront Lady Cadence Talle to see if she's Sophie's mother.
  • Stina and Biana appear to be closer friends when Sophie talks to them after the ability reset.
  • Stina and Biana both help take down Gethen and Vespera in the marketplace.

Similarities and Differences[edit | edit source]

Similarities[edit | edit source]

  • Both are 15.
  • Both are female elves.
  • Both attend Foxfire, in Level 4.
  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both have blue eyes.
  • Both speak the Enlightened Language.
  • Both are opposed to the Neverseen.
  • Both have family members in the Nobility.
  • Both have at least one family member in the Black Swan.
  • Both are Regents in the Nobility.
  • Both are members of Team Valiant.
  • Both have at one point been rude to/disliked Sophie Foster, but now are friends with her.
  • Both manifested in Level 3 at Foxfire.
  • Both have been/are friends with Maruca Chebota at some point.
  • Both have family crests that feature an animal/part of an animal.

Differences[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Biana's is often headcanonned as bisexual by the fandom because her name is literally Bi-ana, and because part of her name is in "lesbian", that is also a common headcanon. Shannon Messenger has stated that the characters' names often come from real words (ex. Keefe means "handsome").
  • In Legacy, on the King's Path, Stina mentioned that her hallucinations had her being chased by kelpies and unicorns. That could be a reference to her and Biana's relationship because Stina's family is known to be good with unicorns, and Biana's mascot for Team Valiant is a kelpie.
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