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Starstones are special stones that always remember where they last were, and serve a purpose similar to leaping crystals.


Starstones are used to transport a person to another place, using a beam of light. Lady Gisela states that starstones remember where they last were.

It is assumed that only Flashers could create starstones, since Lady Gisela had to persuade Cyrah Endal to make hers.

Known Starstones[]

A notable, blue-flashing Starstone was owned by Lady Gisela and was used to travel to Nightfall; another starstone found at Cyrah's stall traveled to her bedroom. They were both made by Cyrah Endal.


Starstones are oval-shaped stones that are silvery white. Most starstones usually flash green, but the ones crafted for Lady Gisela glimmer blue. Lady Gisela's was used in a hairpin.


Before leaping crystals were invented, the ancients relied on starstones to move around. Over the years, people began using them less. Eventually, making starstones became a lost art.


Sometime before the series, Lady Gisela needed to settle on an inconspicuous way to teleport to the Nightfall facility. She came up with the idea of starstones, since keeping one was less suspicious than using a leaping crystal.

Lady Gisela inducted the help of an elf named Cyrah Endal. She managed to convince her by threatening the safety of her husband. Cyrah agreed, and Gisela ordered her to make two for her, specifically ones with a blue flash.

Cyrah did as instructed, and was able to craft one. However, on her second one, she messed it up. Before she was able to make a replacement, Fintan grew suspicious at her involvement and had her killed through Gethen.


“The silver-white stone was smooth and oval, but when the light hit it, thin veins of blue shot through in an asterisk pattern”

—Narration, in Lodestar