Stars are an essential subject of Elvin culture and education. For the Universe class at Foxfire, prodigies have to collect six Stars and find the seventh one while following the pattern the first six were in. Sir Astin assigned the stars in such a pattern that Sophie would find Elementine and collect Quintessence.

Known Stars[edit | edit source]

Map of the unmapped stars; illustration by Felia Hanakata

Unmapped Stars[edit | edit source]

There are 5 unmapped stars. In Everblaze, Sophie, Keefe, and Sandor light leap on the unmapped stars' light until they reach their destination to meet with the Black Swan. It is usually tiring and draining to use their light and can lead to light poisoning. The locations of the unmapped stars are only known by the Councillors, some members of the Black Swan, and Sophie Foster. Each unmapped star has a different type of quintessence with different properties.

Elementine[edit | edit source]

  • Elementine's location can be found on a star map created by Sir Astin, one of Mr. Forkle's secret identities. You can bottle it using a stellarscope, like any other star; however, the scope gets extremely hot, as Sophie discovered in the Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, and it is illegal to bottle it. Elementine in its bottled form is Quintessence, which is light in its truest form. Quintessence is very powerful and is being used to make frissyn, the only substance known to be able to stop Everblaze. It was also mentioned that its alchemy symbol is a Q with an X going through it. Quintessence is said to glow with a "blindingly bright silver beam." In Everblaze, Sophie, Keefe, and Sandor use the light from a bottle of Quintessence to light leap. Additionally, in Legacy, it's stated that the quintessence from Elementine is the most powerful, but least stable. This makes it ideal for substances that are all somewhat explosive and all-consuming, like frissyn.  

Candesia[edit | edit source]

  • Candesia allows elves to light leap underwater. It has a dull, smoky glow and is very pale. In Everblaze, Sophie, Keefe, and Sandor use the light from a bottle of Candesia's light to light leap underwater. In Legacy, its explained that Candesia's quintessence is the weakest of the five, described as smokey and sluggish, making it the safest. It's often used for subtle shifts and changes, although there are no concrete examples.

Marquiseire[edit | edit source]

  • Marquiseire glows with a rosy light. When used to light leap, it is a pink glittery beam of light. In Everblaze, Sophie, Keefe, and Sandor use the light from a bottle of Marquiseire's light to light leap. In Legacy, this star's quintessence is described as abrasive, good for when something needs to be broken down on a cellular level. It's also shimmery and reflective, making it the most versatile, although Mr. Forkle believes elves have only begun to scratch the surface of its potentials.

Phosforien[edit | edit source]

Lucilliant[edit | edit source]

  • Lucilliant glows with an icy light. In Everblaze, Sophie, Keefe, and Sandor use the light from a bottle of Lucilliant's light to light leap underground. In Legacy Lucilliant's quintessence is described as the most balanced, cold and dark. It's valuable when something needs to be preserved.

Projects[edit | edit source]

Dex had Amaranthis, Rubini, Orroro, Azulejo, Cobretola, Indigeen, and Zelenie, which was from the color spectrum.

Sophie had Argento, Auriferria, Pennisi, Merkariron, Styggis, Achromian and she chose Elementine as the seventh. Her pattern was metals, but when she plotted the mapped stars on the map, the stars formed two lines pointing to Elementine. Sir Astin, who was secretly Mr. Forkle, said she should have bottled something bronze or brass instead of Elementine. However, her list was created by the Black Swan, so the group wanted her to find Elementine.

Human Constellations[edit | edit source]

Cygnus (the swan) is created by Aquello, Fushaire, Rosine, Grisenna, Sapphilene, Scarletina, Nievello, Gildere, and Peacerre.

Light Leaping[edit | edit source]

In Everblaze, Sandor, Keefe, and Sophie light leap on the uncharted stars' light until they reach their destination to meet with the Black Swan. One can leap through solid objects and one can leap underwater, but there were many other ones too.

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