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Starkflower Stew is a soup that Calla made. Calla always kept the recipe as secret until the fourth book, when she shared it with Sophie, knowing that she might not live much longer, and wanted to express how much Sophie meant to her. It consists of lots of different vegetables, but its key ingredient is a starkflower, a shriveled, grey-spotted black flower that has shadowvapor in it. When the flower lands in the soup pot, the shadowvapor is released, and leaves a beautiful white flower. On Sophie's first night at the Black Swan hideout, Calla makes Starkflower Stew. Sophie describes it has tasting like home.

Calla's Legacy[edit | edit source]

During Neverseen, Calla shows Sophie her Starkflower Stew. She says that she wants to be remembered by her Starkflower Stew and Sophie. Later in Neverseen, while Calla was transforming, she said that Sophie can remember her by making Starkflower Stew, and pouring it into her roots. However, it is unknown if Sophie ever did this.

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