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This article is about Squall. You may be looking for Juline Dizznee.

Squall is a member of the Black Swan's Collective and a Froster. She is currently the only female member in the Collective and her disguise is to cover herself in head to toe in foggy ice.

In Lodestar, it is discovered that she is Dex's mother, Juline Dizznee. She is often seen leaving in the middle of the Collective's events or absent from them because she had to take care of her family. In Neverseen, she froze off Gethen's fingernails.

She joined the Black Swan just after the triplets were born because Physic was her doctor. Eventually Physic had to step down from the Collective and suggested That Squall replace her.

Her age is unknown but is probably around the same as Edaline Ruewen, her sister.


Squall covers herself from head to toe in foggy ice. Her voice is described to be shaky and chattery, due to the fact that she is covered in ice and snow. In addition, she is the only member of the Collective with a family at home to take care of (with the exception of Granite/Tiergan), which is why she had to run home all the time.

Appearances and Significant Mentions[]


During the meeting in which the core group (consisting of Sophie Foster, Dex Dizznee, Biana Vacker, Fitz Vacker and Keefe Sencen) and Della Vacker met the entirety of the Black Swan's Collective, Squall was first introduced. Over the course of the novel, she helps guide the Keeper crew with their missions. However, she is not present as much as the rest of the Collective due to reasons that are revealed in Lodestar.


When Sophie, Biana, Dex, and Fitz are having a sleepover at Rimeshire to look at Alvar's registry records, Squall is revealed to be Juline Dizznee, Dex's mother. Biana had recognized her voice and appearance, and pointed it out. This was also the reason why she constantly had to make trips away from Alluveterre.

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